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Thrive Through Data™

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Become a data-driven company


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There's a big difference between simply deploying dashboards and becoming a data-driven company.

Over the past decade, Blue Margin has developed a proven process to ensure dashboards get adopted and have the intended impact on business outcomes.

We do the heavy lifting and keep you in command with weekly Project Status Reports and BMI DataHub™—a single control center for your entire data ecosystem.

Methodology is Our Differentiator 

There's a big difference between simply deploying dashboards vs. becoming a data-driven company. Because we understand the pitfalls of introducing new systems, Blue Margin has developed a proven process and toolset that ensures your dashboards get adopted and have the intended impact on outcomes. Our Consulting, Project Management, and Engineering teams follow a single Roadmap centered around your value-creation strategy. We do the heavy lifting while keeping you in command with Data HQ™—a single control center for your entire data ecosystem.


We deliver:

  1. Expert Consultation
  2. Data HQ™—a Control Center for your Data Ecosystem
  3. Project Management
  4. Data Modernization
  5. Report Development
  6. Training/Solution Support
  7. Industry-Ready Solutions
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Expert Consulting

Our experienced Business Intelligence Consultants work alongside your stakeholders to ensure you achieve your goals. Our Bluecore™ root-cause methodology captures and catalogues:

  • Measurable business objectives
  • Project opportunities and risks
  • Key metrics and benchmarks
  • Accountability by role
  • Current reporting & data assets
  • Your Master Data Roadmap™

See sample Master Data Roadmap

Expert consulting

Project Management

Blue Margin's PMO handles the overhead of project execution so you don't have to. 

Our process includes: 

  • Weekly project status meetings and reports

  • Coordination of all project stakeholders and participants

  • Total transparency and comprehensive oversight with minimal disruption to your business

  • Coordination of training, support, and knowledge transfer

View PMO Process document here

Project Status Report

Modern Data Warehousing

Blue Margin adheres to industry-leading practices for creating the Modern Data Warehouse. Our approach is rapid to deploy, highly scalable, performant, and easy to understand.

Key benefits include:

  • Modular development for rapid iteration and integration of new data sources
  • Fact-centered data modeling that's easy for report writers to understand and use
  • Automated documentation of your data and reports that even the layman can understand

Architecture Best Practices for The Modern Data Warehouse

 For Data Warehousing

Report Development

The goal of dashboards is for team members to attach to critical performance metrics that improve decision-making and accountability. Our role-based dashboards follow the user's narrative to intuitively provide insights essential to progress.

Our data-visualization engineers deliver: 

  • Relief from the Excel jungle
  • Persona-centric reporting that ensures adoption 
  • Actionable data that supports users' daily workflow
  • Mobile design for easy access anywhere

Learn more about Report Development

Dashboard Development

BMI DataHub™

Blue Margin's proprietary BMI DataHub™ overcomes the information entropy that most companies suffer, and keeps you in control of one of your most valuable assets—your data.

This powerful tool gives you command over: 

  • Your Master Data Roadmap
  • Data and reporting governance
  • Dashboard usage and adoption
  • Dynamic documentation of your data warehouse
  • Dynamic documentation of reporting assets
Learn more about BMI DataHub here
BMI DataHub-2-1-1

Training/Solution Support

The entire Blue Margin team collaborates to prepare and equip your team to become data-driven.

We do this by: 

  • Keeping your business objectives as the first-order focus of everything we do for you
  • Providing on-time support that ensures continuity and adoption
  • Delivering hands-on training and knowledge transfer so your team maintains control and ownership
  • Providing managed services for any aspect of your data ecosystem

Learn more in The Dashboard Effect

Report Dev

Industry-Ready Solutions

Blue Margin's proprietary Industry HQs get the right numbers in front of the right people to support exceptions-based decisions and actions.

Our company has years of experience across several mid-market industries, including: 

Private Equity
Commercial Services

See Our Industry Solutions



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