Power BI leads the field again

Microsoft Power BI is the leader in cloud-based analytics services, according to Gartner.

A priority in Microsoft's product roadmap, Power BI maintains the most aggressive development curve in the industry with weekly feature releases and monthly product updates. 

Building on an established foundation (i.e., Excel and SQL), Power BI is also the most competitively priced among industry leaders, yet has the broadest integration with Microsoft & 3rd party platforms, and offers the most comprehensive library of visuals (over 400 and counting).

In our opinion, Power BI is simply the lowest-cost, easiest-to-scale tool for putting your key metrics up in lights so everyone, from the CEO down, can focus on their highest-value work. 

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Easy to Integrate, Use, and Share

On a Single Screen, you can:
  • Gain a real-time, 360-degree view of your business.
  • Identify performance issues from anywhere - via browser, email alerts, and mobile devices.
  • Operationalize value-creation initiatives through a common view into key performance indicators across the organization.
  • Quickly share, add comments, and collaborate on reports and dashboards in seconds.

Power BI is where the most successful companies mobilize their data, and Blue Margin is the expert at putting Power BI to work for you.

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Built for Performance

Power BI is the simplest, lowest-cost way to put key performance metrics up in lights so everyone, from the CEO down, can focus on their highest-return priorities. 


With the right expertise, Microsoft's BI Stack is the right tool to help your business Thrive Through Data™.  It's quick, accessible, and affordable. And it galvanize your business the way scoreboards motivate althetes.


How do you create focus and motivation among your people?
                           ... Give 'em a dashboard. 


When Blue Margin puts Power BI to work for you, you'll be able to see a live, 360-degree view of your business—all on one screen. You'll be able to audit your company's progress in real time, on laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. You can even set up mobile alerts, and quickly share reports and data dashboards in seconds.
In short, Power BI is where the magic happens for any data-dependent enterprise. That's why every single engineer at Blue Margin Inc. is an expert in the Microsoft BI Stack—and why BMi is a credentialed Microsoft Gold Partner, the highest standard of the Microsoft Partner network.

Your Power BI Partner

The right Partner can capitalize on the vast potential of the Microsoft BI Stack for you.

distribution_iconMaster Data Roadmap Development
As your Power BI Partner, Blue Margin helps you define your roadmap to becoming data-driven: data architecture, business requirements, and organizational adoption.
blue_margin_easy_to_usePilot Project
Next we deliver a modern data warehouse pilot project to deliver immediate value, establish BI best-practices for your company, and build momentum across your teams.
i3Dashboard Creation and Deployment
This is what we do best. Developing high-impact, easy-to-adopt dashboards is equal parts art and science. We've done it successfully for over 200 companies.
i2Staff Training 
We're committed to making your team as independent as you need. We provide live training and written/recorded modules. No black boxes, no hidden knowledge. If your team needs it, they've got it.
i1Ongoing Support and Maintenance
We offer ad-hoc support via phone, email, and video conference. Quick questions, big problems, or mysteries that must solved—we'll keep you rolling toward your goals.
blue_margin_high_valueAdvanced Analytics 
Microsoft Power BI integrates with powerful friends. Statistical analysis on 'R', deep insights with Azure Machine Learning, and advanced analytics in Excel. We'll help you gain the insights that give you a competitive advantage.
“ To find the right BI partner, we initiated an RFI looking at 8 key factors: industry experience; team size; turnaround time; architecture standards; training and support; security; data modeling experience; and cost. Blue Margin Inc. was by far the top candidate.”
Lee Jones
VP of Data Analytics, Guardian Healthcare (guardianhc.com)
"It is because of all of your hard work over the last year that we have such a great DW and BI foundation in place to be able to accomplish a report like Service Orders so quickly.  Your talent extends well beyond data expertise and we are fortunate to have you lead our DW development efforts.”
Rachel Haistings
BI Lead, Smart Care Solutions (www.smartcaresolutions.com)
“Thank you again for the partnership.  Our  CFO is a big believer of the product and wants to do away with all the reports that aren't Power BI.  For all of us in the management team, we truly believe Blue Margin has been instrumental not only to the success of this project, but to the success of Almo.”
Scott Landsberg
Director of FP&A, Almo Corporation (www.almo.com)


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