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Optimize your Law Firm with Data Intelligence

Legal Services HQCreates Visibility to Unify Your Team 

Operating a Law Firm can be complex.  Good instrumentation simplifies the process.

Coordinating practice areas, clients, and billable resources can be a challenge. Silos can emerge causing practice standards and profitability to slip undetected. We have helped some of the largest law firms in the country gain mastery over their operations. BMI's Legal Services HQ™ provides insights to the right people to increase accountability and optimize client-matter performance. Let us show you how it provides the right launch point to develop a reporting solution that supports your specific operation. 

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Legal HQ™ Gives You

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Optimize Cash Flow

Greater visibility will help you improve cash flow by increasing realization, lowering the lag between hours worked and entered, and accelerating invoicing and collections. Automatically generate actionable work lists to track high-risk and high-run-rate clients for payment.

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Increase Productivity

Capitalize on unrealized opportunities by identifying cross-sell and up-sell gaps across attorneys and practices. Identify neglected clients and matters through billing trend analysis. Surface utilization issues around working attorney groups to improve performance against goals.

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Improve Client-Matter Performance

Increase matter awareness to reduce time in WIP and to minimize matters slipping to the back-burner. Improve client communication by providing on-time insight into billing, collections, and productivity.

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Optimize Practice Management

Simplify the maelstrom of processes and data complexities. Manage by exception to better adhere to contracted budgets and timelines across practices and client groups. Quickly validate whether all hours are applied to the correct matters, and billed on time.

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Corral Financials

Increase awareness of Revenue and Margin against budget and previous period. Easily analyze through slicers and filters the root cause for billing and utilization issues.  Gain easy access to real-time 13-week cash flow forecasts, and spotlight issues by practice area, client, matter, and attorney.

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Increase Productivity

Identify problems in average billable rate and margin due to mix of fee-types and work/resource mismatches. Minimize non-billable time, write-offs, and write-downs through shared, transparent accountability.

“Over the past 20 years, we've had consultants/products in and out that didn’t perform.  Then came you.  WOW.  THANK YOU !!!!!!!!   I won't go on-and-on with how wonderful Blue Margin is and how good your approach is.  I assume you know all that.  Sensational work ethics and professionalism.”
Bolton Winpenny
Senior Programmer, Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP (www.orrick.com)

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