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Landon Ochs


Landon Ochs is a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Computer Information Systems. He interned as a Network Engineer at JBS where he found a passion for helping the average person understand technical material. Landon has applied that gift to data, where he enjoys simplifying complex problems for the average business user.

The Major Leagues: As a kid, Landon was a member of a Major League Gaming team (think MLB for video games) for a game called Gears of War. He stayed in his room and played so much that his parents had to force him to go outside and participate in "normal" childhood activities.

Hit the Slopes: Landon learned to ski as a two-year-old. He was so young that he has no recollection of the painful falls. Skiing has always been a carefree experience for him, quite literally.

Microsoft Certifications: 

  • MCSE Data Management and Analytics


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