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Today's heroes are working in healthcare - they need the best tools available to succeed at their work.

Blue Margin mobilizes data to give healthcare companies the insight they need to optimize operations, improve patient outcomes, and drive responsible financial performance.

As the challenges of the modern healthcare system evolve, our industry-proven Healthcare HQ provides a best-practice template to build your unique organization the tools needed to “help the helpers” thrive.

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Ensure your analytics are working for you.

Healthcare HQ™ Gives You

Management Control

Complexities in revenue cycle management, disparate clinical and financial systems, and a lack of real-time metrics hinder performance for healthcare organizations. Healthcare HQ gives executives a single toolset to improve RCM practice, operational productivity, and clinical outcomes.

Better Revenue Mapping

Healthcare HQ makes it possible to pinpoint payer denials based on electronic remittance advice statements, as well as A/R by charge-capture percentages, charge-lag, time-to-submission, and over-the-counter collections.


Healthy RCM Practice

Healthcare HQ removes RCM obstacles from disconnected systems, complexity and volume of data, and limited visibility into the causes of unrealized revenue. Blue Margin’s unified data architecture creates more effective payer contract analysis and management. Industry-proven dashboards quickly identify chronic underpayments by procedure, payer, office, and provider.

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Healthcare HQ helps clinicians reduce administrative issues that interfere with positive patient experiences. We improve processes such as office schedules, maintaining viable third-available appointments, and determining factors that lead to subpar patient satisfaction scores.

Higher Productivity

Healthcare HQ gives physicians a clear view of the relationship between their actions and patient outcomes. The result is improved clinical productivity, closing of patient notes in a timely manner, and a better balance of patient mix, availability of hours, and services rendered.

Better Clinical Outcomes

Healthcare HQ’s templated healthcare solutions help physicians improve clinical outcomes, providing an analysis of length-of-stay and readmissions issues, optimizing case mix by diagnosis and payer, and identifying areas for corrective action plans.

“Medical data is high-volume with a high number of exceptions that can create chaos. You need someone who understands the healthcare business and the data.”
Analyst, Gastro Health (www.gastrohealth.com)
“Simply put, Blue Margin delivers knowledge, professionalism, and expertise in what they do.”
Clarissa Hulleza
CIO,  Easter Seals Michigan (www.essmichigan.org)
“ To find the right BI partner, we initiated an RFI looking at 8 key factors: industry experience; team size; turnaround time; architecture standards; training and support; security; data modeling experience; and cost.
Lee Jones
VP of Data Analytics, Guardian Healthcare (guardianhc.com)

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