Caleb Ochs

Chief Technology Officer

Caleb Ochs


Caleb Ochs is the CTO at Blue Margin. He leads our engineering teams, ensuring we deliver innovative, effective, and impactful products and services to our clients. He has a background in data engineering and analytics and has led a variety of teams, including project management, data architecture, and data visualization. He's worked with hundreds of clients, including notable ones like Fitbit, the Grammys, and NASA. He holds several Microsoft certifications and plays a key role in Blue Margin's Gold Microsoft Partnership status. He maintains his technical expertise by assisting our engineers and engaging with clients directly when needed. You can find him co-hosting The Dashboard Effect podcast about data analytics, business intelligence, and data-driven practices for private equity and the midmarket. He regularly guest lectures at Colorado State University and has served on the University's Computer Information Systems advisory board. 

A Builder at Heart: Caleb has built and sold custom log and live edge furniture. Using his carpentry skills, he's renovated his own bathrooms, kitchens, and plenty of others. You can always bend his ear about wood-working or cars.


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