Microsoft Azure SQL

An established leader in Cloud Database Services



Blue Margin is a Gold Certified developer of Microsoft Azure SQL

Azure SQL is a market leader in Cloud Database Management Systems, per Gartner.



Azure SQL is a cloud database solution that can be launched in minutes. It scales with you and costs a fraction of the same in-house infrastructure with better up-time and add-on services, and the highest level of security.

In addition to your data warehouse, other services can be added in a matter of a few clicks:

  • Machine Learning - Powerful predictive analytics
  • Data Lake Store - Hyper scale repository for big data workloads
  • Data Factory - Integrated ETL engine that connects to your cloud and on-premises data sources
  • Power BI - Microsoft's industry-leading dashboarding tool works hand-in-glove with Azure SQL

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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Azure SQL





....but first you need to gain control.

Can you relate to the following?
  • Data is scattered across systems and departments.

  • Creating and updating reports is arduous.

  • Organizing your data in one place seems impossible.

Our proven process gets you from data chaos to data-driven.

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Forrester Wave for Azure SQL

Azure is integrated with the Office 365 platform (and most other platforms)

Giving you control of your data in one place.


The benefits of a data warehouse:
All your reporting data distilled in one place, in real-time
Simple to change, add, or delete data sources
Access with any analysis tool (Excel, Power BI, SSRS, you name it)

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Built for Performance

Power BI is the simplest, lowest-cost way to put key performance metrics up in lights so everyone, from the CEO down, can focus on their highest-return priorities. 


With the right expertise, Microsoft's BI Stack is the right tool to help your business Thrive Through Data™.  It's quick, accessible, and affordable. And it galvanize your business the way scoreboards motivate althetes.


How do you create focus and motivation among your people?
                           ... Give 'em a dashboard. 


When Blue Margin puts Power BI to work for you, you'll be able to see a live, 360-degree view of your business—all on one screen. You'll be able to audit your company's progress in real time, on laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. You can even set up mobile alerts, and quickly share reports and data dashboards in seconds.
In short, Power BI is where the magic happens for any data-dependent enterprise. That's why every single engineer at Blue Margin Inc. is an expert in the Microsoft BI Stack—and why BMi is a credentialed Microsoft Gold Partner, the highest standard of the Microsoft Partner network.

Your Azure SQL Consultant

We employ some of the best data management gurus in the business.

distribution_iconDesign and Development
Don't know where to start? We can assist you by providing a turnkey solution for your data warehouse, with best-practice architecture as the foundation.
blue_margin_easy_to_use"ETL" (Extract, Transform, and Load)
The technical stuff. If you have the data, we can capture and organize it. We bring the data from your diverse systems (CRM, ERP, unstructured data, etc.) to a central location to create a one-stop-shop for all your analytics and dashboards.
i3Performance Tuning
Let us help you optimize your database for performance, scalability, and stability to deliver better, faster results.
i2Leveraging the SQL Stack
Whether on-premises, in the Cloud, or a hybrid of both, we are experts in SQL Server, SSAS, SSIS, and SSRS.
i1Ongoing Support and Maintenance
We offer ad-hoc support via phone, email, and video conference. Quick questions, big problems, or mysteries that must solved—we'll keep you rolling toward your goals.
blue_margin_high_valueBig Data
We help you take advantage of add-on services such as Azure HDInsight, and Apache Hadoop (a cloud-based, big-data platform that rationalizes the biggest data challenges).




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