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Why You Should Take Advantage of Power BI for Your Commercial Services Company

Data is the driving force of the most progressive and successful companies and is more available than ever before, but...

4 min read

Power BI And Google Analytics: A Match Made In Big Data Heaven

Matches made in heaven, or power couples as we called them in college, only come along once in a while. I'm...

3 min read

Why BI for Small Businesses?

Why does the average small company need business intelligence? Almost without exception, every business produces a lot...

6 min read

The Dirt on Big Data

There are always some phrases we use without really knowing what they mean - think "The Cloud", "Quinoa", or...

1 min read

Streaming Data Sets in Power BI Just Got Easier

Microsoft just made streaming datasets a whole lot easier in Power BI.  For the past year, users have been building...

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Reaching New Business Heights with The Dashboard Effect

What is The Dashboard Effect?

In its purest form, The Dashboard Effect  is a company that defines its key performance...

3 min read

Is Excel the Next Killer App for Business Intelligence?

While companies use a variety of different business intelligence (BI) tools and technologies, almost everyone still...

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Power BI, Microsoft's Outlier on the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant

Power BI now outranks Tableau, Qlik, Domo, Cognos . . . heck, everyone.

For the tenth consecutive year, Microsoft has...

3 min read

Power BI Solves Seattle Bar's Operating Inefficiencies, Saves $30k/yr

What could your business do with an extra $30,000 a year? By implementing Microsoft Power BI business intelligence on...