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30 min read

Dashboard Design to Ensure Adoption

If your business intelligence isn’t easy enough, your users will fail to adopt. Adoption is...

8 min read

Best Practices for Data Warehouse Architecture

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3 min read

Data Lake vs Data Warehouse

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15 min read

Data Warehouse Essentials for Dashboard Reporting in PE-backed Companies

Article Summary: A paraphrased excerpt from The Dashboard Effect highlighting the benefits...

10 min read

What Is Business Intelligence for Private Equity?

If you believe better data is one of the top drivers of growth, you're not alone.


7 min read

The Dashboard Effect: Data Transparency

It's Time for Private Equity to Join the (4th Industrial) Revolution! 

The business world is...

6 min read

How Data Optimization Increases Distribution Performance

Apparently, we should blame Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen for the offense. 


3 min read

3 Ways to Automate Employee Motivation & Productivity with Dashboards

Your employees want (and need) to understand the rules of the game they’re playing. While it...

3 min read

The Dashboard Effect: How to Use a Scoreboard to Drive Success

If you’re still trying to inspire employees to reach their full potential through annual...

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