We Help Accelerate Growth, Profitability, and Realization with Microsoft's BI Stack

If you are frustrated staying in sync with management teams, and if those teams need more fluid instrumentation to manage performance across business units, we have a solution.

What Blue Margin Delivers:

  • Deep expertise in mid-market industry and PE buy-and-build
  • Better portco performance through automated accountability across the org chart per established performance metrics
  • Efficient bolt-on integration through rapid consolidation at the data level
  • Accelerated realization through instant access to empirical answers for any diligence from potential suitors
  • Increased valuation through monetization of data assets in the form of a structured, transferable data-intelligence system
  • On-time, consolidated fund and portfolio performance reporting


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Azure SQL – Data Management Made Easy

It's Centralized

Data Management Platform and Data Architect

It's Centralized

Corralling your data into a single source of truth enables you to trust your data again.

It's on Azure

Azure SQL Consulting

It's on Azure

With your data infrastructure on the cloud, there's no need for massive investments and expertise.

It's Consistent

Azure SQL Consulting

It's Consistent

"Mashing-up" data creates chaos. A warehouse optimizes your data for easy reporting.

It's Foundational

HDInsight Consulting

It's Foundational

A data warehouse is the foundation that will flex and scale for world-class reporting.

Business Intelligence For Private Equity

Comprehensive Business Instrumentation

Manage your business through a single pane of glass.  From Executive Scorecards to financial reporting, sales analysis, key accounts, inventory, and scheduling, align your teams with shared visibility into key metrics. 

Business Intelligence For Private Equity

Automated Reporting

Automate report updates across the company, filtered appropriately to the user via email/pdf, phone app, or browser. 

Improve job ownership and accountability. 

Eliminate micro-management.

Business Intelligence Dashboard Design, Business Intelligence Consulting

Dashboard Creation and Deployment

Creating high-impact, easy-to-adopt dashboards is equal parts art and science. It's what we do best.

Business Intelligence For Private Equity

Data360 Manager

Blue Margin's Data360 Manager, delivered with every engagement, is a comprehensive management and documentation platform for your data-intelligence ecosystem.   

Turn your data into a transferable, productized asset.  


HDInsight and Azure SQL Consultant

Support and Maintenance

We offer ad-hoc support via phone, email, and video conference. Quick questions, big problems, or mysteries solved - we'll keep you rolling.

Business Intelligence For Private Equity

A Confused Mind Always Says 'No'

More than any other factor, poor visibility into performance metrics hurts valuation and deters potential suitors.

By contrast, total control over your data and perfect visibility into every aspect of performance, sets a company apart under the scrutiny of diligence.

How Does BI Support Buy-and-Build Integration?

One of the most critical (and perennially frustrating) elements of bolt-on integration is data.  Cobbling together reports from disparate systems, or holding out until software integrations can be completed, adds risk to acquiring under-performing assets.

Flying blind leads to reactive adjustments, unintended consequences, and a revolving door for the management team.  Conversely, efficient data-intelligence allows add-ons to continue operating from day-one without disruption.

Integrating disparate data from acquisitions can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.  To gain much needed insights, a modern data warehouse and Power BI dashboards on Microsoft's Azure, will help:

  1. Enable management to effectively monitor and assess performance across the organization by consolidating data from multiple sources into a unified, consistent, single source of truth
  2. Ensure all stakeholders can trust in the data by centralizing  key metrics and validating data to ratified reports
  3. Provide insight into growth opportunities by tying performance to internal and industry benchmarks.
Private Equity Business Intelligence
When is the right time to embark on a data initiative, and what is the Client's commitment?

Transforming a portfolio company into a data-driven organization takes 6-18 months, though value and ROI can be achieved in a matter of weeks. With the right partner, delaying putting your data to work only delays the process of that transformation. 

Regardless of  competing priorities, our project communication and collaboration process for designing and executing BI solutions allows Blue Margin to carry the load while keeping the client informed and in control. 

It all centers around the Data Intelligence Manager. Upon engagement, we equip each client with a single, web-based management tool that consolidates the Master Data Roadmap, project timelines and budgets, data warehouse and report documentation, and user-adoption.

An initial on-site Discovery Workshop followed by 15-30 minute weekly status update meetings is all your portcos need to begin putting their data to work to align stakeholders and key resources to highest-value priorities.  And to ensure your data strategy is improving business outcomes long-term, we help define a data steering committee, and we come on-site quarterly for Review and Planning sessions.

Data Analytics and PE Firms
How and when can we take over the management of our data and reporting platform?

From the outset, Blue Margin provides a secure, custom instance of our proprietary Data Intelligence Manager, giving clients total access to their data ecosystem.  After we’ve established a best-practices data warehouse and reporting structure, we can train and support internal staff to take over any or all of the system. 

Our support ranges from Virtual BI Department, to Training and Support Partner, to a hybrid that combines both.  In most cases, clients identify some areas where in-house management delivers good ROI. Examples include report development, database administration, governance, adding new data sources (ETL), cube development, etc. 

When we deliver your data warehouse and reporting solutions, we also deliver industry-standard methodologies and comprehensive, interactive documentation that enable your internal resources to take over management of any component of the system. 

We also provide expert remote and on-site training in all of our core competencies. No black boxes, no idiosyncratic methodologies, no vendor-lock.

Power BI Dashboards For Private Equity
Don't Take Our Word For It
Data Intelligence Systems for Private Equity

"At AppRiver we engaged Blue Margin to assist with our data warehouse management and establishing dashboards and reports utilizing PowerBI.  Currently, AppRiver has the best real time dashboards of any company I have ever worked with, and Blue Margin was a great partner to help us with that work."  - Kevin Hatch, CFO