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Yeah, we know. 

We've asked ourselves the same question you would, namely, “Where the hell are we going to find time to write a book?”

But here’s the deal.  We're spending our not-so-free time writing because we truly believe data analytics and dashboards can have the most profound, positive impact on your business, for the effort and expense. 

Our book is called The Visible Enterprise – How "The Dashboard Effect" and a Culture of Transparency Can Transform Your Company Overnight (too long?  We're not sure).  Anyway, the book draws on business gurus and industry pioneers to make the argument that performance skyrockets when we can clearly see our goals and our performance against those goals, in real time.  Moreover, the book shows that performance dashboards increase our job satisfaction, initiative, and ownership of our area of the business. 

Here is the basic premise of the book:

1)      Build a business that delivers a simple value proposition.  Be heads down, focused, and stick to it.

2)      Succeed by knowing your numbers.  Obsess over key metrics, and don’t rely on intuition or your ability to react.  Measure first, then act with intention. 

3)      Leverage emerging data technology to automatically corral data and update dashboards, keeping key metrics at top-of-mind throughout the organization.

Visibility is critical to success, and the most successful companies adopt a culture of transparency around their data.

We have spent over a year writing this book (okay, it's been 3 years).  We have been through countless drafts, started over, and started over again.  Its evolution has paralleled what we’ve learned growing our business and what we’ve learned as we help create cultures of visibility for our clients. 

We can now firmly say we are ready to bring our story to the world.


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Jon Thompson

Written by Jon Thompson