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* What Is Business Intelligence for Private Equity?

If you believe better data is one of the top drivers of growth, you are not alone.

According to a 2019 survey, "Fortune 1000 companies are now recognizing that they must become more adept at leveraging their data assets if they are to compete successfully against highly agile data-driven competitors." - MIT Sloan Management Review

In the quest for differentiation among buy-and-build PE firms, everyone seems to be pointing to data as the next business alchemy.

The terms Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence are bandied about at workshops and industry events as though they’re well-understood and commonly applied. 

They’re not.

* Two Big Data Analytics And Dashboard Mistakes Private Equity Firms Make (And How They Impact Valuations)

"If you want to motivate employees, stop following your instincts and adopt a data-driven approach." - Harvard Business Review

Data is trending, and while private equity deal teams increasingly give lip service to the importance of data-driven operations, their tactics often miss the mark.  Of the hundreds of companies we've consulted for, nearly all default to Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoints, and PDFs to promote data intelligence.  

* How Private Equity Firms Keep Data Chaos From Depleting Portfolio Value

Middle market private equity firms share a common denominator: their portfolio companies rely on a menagerie of software platforms to manage finances, sales, locations, product lines, services categories, ad nauseum. 

* Blue Margin Releases VSTS Solution Template for Power BI

Blue Margin, Inc., Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics and Data Platform just released a VSTS Solution Template to provide project managers the insights they need to manage their portfolios.  The VSTS Solution Template is an end-to-end data-management and business-intelligence solution that can be set up in just a few clicks. 

* The Latest from Harvard:  Motivate Employees with Your Data, Not Your Instinct

At Blue Margin, we’ve experimented with various tactics to motivate our employees and executives (we sometimes feel like guinea pigs, but hey, it's important to eat your own guinea pig food).  We're guessing you tinker in the same way at your company.  Why?  Because "How do we motivate our employees?" is a question that has surely dogged every employer since the first wage was paid.     

* 7 ½ Reasons a Data Warehouse is Worth the Investment

Chances are, if you're reading this article, you're thinking about investing in a data warehouse

If you are on the fence, you should read this, and if you are still not convinced you should read this.  And if that isn’t enough pasta for you, here are 7 (and a half) more reasons launching a data warehouse is more than worth it.

* Are You Missing the Data Train? HBR Thinks So.

That’s right.  Unless you work in the retail sector (which has used data analytics to capture 30%-40% revenue and efficiency improvements over the past five years), chances are your industry has not capitalized on the growing business-intelligence wave.  According to Harvard Business Review, even industries that have made significant investments into analytics have not seen the ROI they expected.  Why?  

* Do You Really Need a Data Warehouse? (Part 2)

In case you need to get caught up . . .

In our last data warehouse post, we talked about how data warehouses are the first building block of becoming a data-driven company. We looked at how DWs make your data easy-to-use, and make your reports/dashboards automated and scalable.

* Do You Really Need a Data Warehouse? (Part 1)

Data warehouses sound like a pain.  And if you don't have a data architect on staff (who has the rare gift of diagraming data warehouses with Denver Broncos colors), you may wonder if they're only the domain of uber-technical companies.