* The September Updates for Power Map Are, well, Powerful!

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Microsoft has repeatedly announced its commitment to remain on the cutting edge of business productivity technology, promising monthly Office 365 updates to continually improve user experience and solve problems businesses face on a day-to-day basis. The September update, announced earlier this month, includes powerful new tools for Excel Power Map - Custom Maps and Power Map Filtering.

Power Map is a part of Excel's interactive data visualization tools which, when combined with Power BI, Microsoft's data analytics solution, provides unique location-based insights for your business.

Power Map Filtering

With the September update, you have an unprecedented amount of control over the information you see in Power Maps. Using various custom filters, you can decide which portions of your data you want to see and determine how different factors affect your key statistics, ultimately resulting in deeper insights to your business.

The following custom filters are available in the most recent update:

List filter: Simply allows you to check or uncheck individual categories of your data to decide what is displayed in your Custom Power Map. Categories are listed in alphanumerical order and are easily searchable.

Range filter: This filter allows you to filter results to only those between your chosen minimum and maximum values, all with the ease of adjustment of a slider control.

Advanced filter: Use custom predicate statements like "is greater than 1000" or "is before 09/22/2014" to drill down even more to the information you need.



Custom Maps

Custom maps lets you leverage power of Power Maps to analyze geo-spatial data and apply it to your own images, such as floor maps of your business. Using x- and y-coordinates, you can determine where in your store most of your sales occur or where in your shop customers spend the most time.



Using familiar tools to turn raw geo-spatial data into bar values, pie charts, or even heat maps, you can gain deep insights into how your customers interact with you and your products, not only across the country, but even within the walls of your physical stores. Then, you can take the knowledge you gained and turn it into a video to share your discoveries with other members of your organization.

Check out this video to get a tour of Power Maps in action:


You can never underestimate the power of data analytics for your business. Power BI lets you capture and make sense of the numbers floating around your business and draw insights from them. The September Power Map update just adds even more functionality to an already expansive BI tool set, giving you what you need to make strategic decisions in a timely manner, improve productivity, and increase efficiency.

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