* Power BI's Monthly Sprints Put Tableau, Domo, and Qlik on Notice

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How do they do it? 

How did Microsoft take Power BI from not-ready-for-prime-time to industry leader over veterans like Tableau, Domo, and Qlik in just over a year?  How does a stodgy old barge of a monopoly like Microsoft pull a coup like that?  First, they hired a new CEO (more of a zen-master than a monkey-boy).  Second, they put a seasoned start-up executive over the Power BI initiative.  And third, they committed to a monthly sprint of new features.  Only the most organized and well-funded startups have mastered that trick.  When it comes to data, Microsoft has found its new groove.

For the latest update, that means they started by “opening up” the Power BI canvas for all you creatives out there.  Drop down slicers mean no more obtrusive frames stuffed with check boxes and scroll bars that crowd and detract from the first-glance message you want to convey. 



Also, new formatting options improve how you can highlight your report’s most important data, further preserving space that may otherwise be required to “explain” the data.  Lastly, Cluster Analysis has finally come to Power BI in preview mode.  This wonderful analytical method allows the user to discover and identify subsets of data based on proximity as visualized on a scatter chart, and then further evaluate those clusters against associated measures.

It’s like receiving a new present every month.  If Christmas came every month, would it be ruined?  Not so far.


Jon Thompson

Written by Jon Thompson