* Power BI May '17 Feature Summary: The Biggest Release To-Date?

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Power BI announced more exciting updates this month and some MAJOR news about Power BI Premium their new licensing/pricing structure (more on that here) and Power BI Report Server for an on-premises infrastructure.  But first, let’s cover the plethora of other new enhancements for this month, including table upgrades, added quick measures, and improved labeling, to name just a few. 

Let’s talk date slicers.  The Power BI team is on a “continuing quest” (their quote, not ours) to improve slicers.  A relative date slicer is now available, which allows you to filter based on the last 1+ years/months/weeks/days relative to today's date.  This new filter is super handy (and saves us a lot of development time).

And because we’re sticklers for layout and design, we’re excited about the data labeling improvements.  Now, we can change the orientation of our column labels, move them, and change their density.  A bonus? We can also now create 'mailto' links in textboxes, which allow our users to e-mail directly from a report (a feature we’ve been waiting for).

Building upon last month’s release of quick measures you can now calculate “total for category,” calculating total values across a category, and “rolling average,” which is the average of the measure chosen for a given period.  Translation (again)?  Less development time!

You can read more about all the new features here, or watch the video.

We know you have pressing questions about Power BI’s new release of Power BI Premium.  Reach out to us and we’ll tell you what we’ve learned directly from the Power BI management team.  In the meantime, you can check out this article, or use their price calculator to determine the right pricing level for your organization.


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