* Power BI is Destined to Dominate the Data Intelligence Market

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Numbers talk.  In today's rapidly evolving, data-driven world, numbers have more to say than ever. 

Particularly the number eleven. 

Eleven billions dollars is the amount that Microsoft spent on research and development last year - and they are slated to spend even more in 2015.  That translates to spending 11 times more on R&D last year than the total amount of revenue earned by the leading BI industry competitors: Tableau, Domo, and Qlikview combined.  That's saying something.

Granted, eleven billion dollars in research and development is the amount being spent across the entire Microsoft product line, but the portion spent on Power BI 2.0 that was released last month is propelling it to rise above its competitors in some distinctive ways:

  • Power BI delivers updates weekly. Tableau has delivered five updates year-to-date.
  • Power BI offers natural language Q&A, which is the culmination of years of groundbreaking natural language interaction work at Microsoft, allowing the regular non-geek to mine their own data and create visual analytics without having to speak “tech”.
  • Power BI is globally available and offers localization in forty-four languages vs. Tableau's eight.  Today's global market demands a tool that can speak to its needs.
  • Power BI has its roots in familiar Excel tools and integrates seamlessly with Excel.  The third most popular button across any BI tool is "Export to Excel" (right behind "copy" and "paste").  With Power BI, you’re already there.  This means that there is no need to re-train your entire team on yet another software platform. Also, there will be no time wasted manipulating data and creating visuals in Excel that don’t translate back into your BI platform
  • Power BI provides a bridge of communication between everyone on your team.  The business analyst can use their most current tools (Q&A, drag-and-drop charts, etc.), and the financial analyst can work in the same environment (using Excel, but with the full power of the Excel BI tools), and even the most technologically-challenged person in your office can access and utilize the data as well.  No one has to work on their own planet anymore. No other BI tool offers such a comprehensive, inclusive solution.
  • Power BI costs less.  Since Microsoft has already invested so much into business intelligence tools for more than a decade, they’re able to offer Power BI for$10/seat/month for the highest sku.  And the desktop and mobile apps are free.  This undercuts the competitors by 500%-1,500%.
  • Power BI is accessible from any browser and any device.  With apps for Windows, IOS, and Android devices, users can get to their critical performance data anywhere, anytime.


    Numbers may not tell it all, but no business is going to be able to ignore them for long, especially with the rapidly evolving business intelligence marketConsider joining the conversation before your competitors do 



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Jon Thompson

Written by Jon Thompson