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This month’s trusty Power BI Preview feature release is full o’ tools we love - as usual. 

Introducing Report Theme Packs!  This feature is for those of us who know the difference between good color design and bad color design, but will never master the subtleties of when to use primary colors and when to use pastels. 

 The Power BI team has seen fit to provide over 50 pre-defined color combinations guaranteed to look great (even the holiday-themed color packs), along with the ability to package your own color palettes as JSON files and load them into your dashboards via the new “Theme” tool. 

Find out more here.report-themes_8.png

Additionally, the Power BI team has brought the Matrix visual to the “next level” (pun intended) by adding drill down functionality and page-level cross-highlight filtering.  Now we can dig into our matricies, then collapse them back into a neat and tidy table.

Speaking of cross-highlight filtering, using visuals as page-level filters has become more robust with the addition of the multiple-series selection capability, allowing users to filter a page based on multiple visual elements by holding down the control key.

All that, and a lot more.  Check out the full video here!


Jon Thompson

Written by Jon Thompson