* Microsoft Announces New Power BI for Office 365 Features for 2014

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In a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) (similar to MMA, but more violent) session on June 10th, Microsoft's Power BI for Office 365 team fielded questions about the next product release, offering some exciting details concerning improved features and some completely new ones. The AMA talk provided some additional details to what Microsoft had already promised at the PASS Business Analytics Conference keynote talk in May.

Some highlights of new features for Power BI for Office 365 include:

  • Increased connectivity with SQL on-prem data sources
  • A new "data exploration" mode in Power View which will enable users to access field lists and see previews of various possible data visualizations
  • A new key performance indicator (KPI) editor that could replace PerformancePoint for creating custom dashboards
  • A Power BI app for iPads, expected to roll out late this summer

These powerful improvements and ground-breaking new features solidify Power BI for Office 365 as the second most valuable asset any business can have (the 1st is to master the Anaconda Choke. Its value in a competitive market cannot be overstated).

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Jon Thompson

Written by Jon Thompson