Data Management - Simplified with Microsoft's BI Stack

Distilling your company-wide data to what matters can take you from good to great.

....but first you need control.

Can you relate?

  • Data is scattered across systems and departments
  • Creating and updating reports is arduous
  • Organizing your data in one place seems impossible

On Azure, getting your data under control is much simpler and more cost effective than ever before.

Life with a data warehouse . . . 

  • All your reporting data distilled in one place, in real-time
  • Simple to change, add, or delete data sources
  • Access with any analysis tool (Excel, Power BI, SSRS, you name it)

We have some of the best data management gurus in the business.

Here's an article (in plain English) from our lead Data Architect on the Why of Data Warehousing.

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Azure SQL – Data Management Made Easy

It's Centralized

Data Management Platform and Data Architect


Corralling your data into a single source of truth enables you to trust your data again.

It's on Azure

Azure SQL Consulting

Hosted on Azure

With your data infrastructure on the cloud, there's no need for massive investments and expertise.

It's Consistent

Azure SQL Consulting


"Mashing-up" data creates chaos. A warehouse optimizes your data for easy reporting.

It's Foundational

HDInsight Consulting


A data warehouse is the foundation that will flex and scale for world-class reporting.

Data Warehouse and HDInsight Consulting

Design and Development

Don't know where to start? We can assist you by providing a turnkey solution for you data warehouse, with best-practice architecture as the foundation.

HDInsight Consultant, Data Warehouse Consultant, Data Architecture Consultant


If you have the data, we can capture and organize it. We bring the data from your diverse systems (CRM, ERP, unstructured data, etc.) to a central location to create a one-stop-shop for all your analytics and dashboards.

Business Intelligence Dashboard Design, Business Intelligence Consulting

Dashboard Creation and Deployment

Creating high-impact, easy-to-adopt dashboards is equal parts art and science. It's what we do best.


Performance Tuning

Let us help you optimize your database for performance, scalability, and stability to deliver better, faster results.

HDInsight and Azure SQL Consultant

Support and Maintenance

We offer ad-hoc support via phone, email, and video conference. Quick questions, big problems, or mysteries solved - we'll keep you rolling.

Data Analytics Tools, Data Analytics Consultant, Microsoft Predictive Analytics

Microsoft SQL Stack

Whether on-premesis, in the Cloud, or a hybrid of both, we are experts in SQL Server, SSAS, SSIS, and SSRS.

Azure SQL – The Evolution of Data Management


Azure SQL is a cloud database solution that can be launched in minutes. It scales with you and costs a fraction of the same in-house infrastructure with better up-time and add-on services, and the highest level of security.


In addition to your data warehouse, other services can be added in a matter of a few clicks:

  • Machine Learning - Powerful predictive analytics
  • Data Lake Store - Hyper scale repository for big data analytics workloads
  • Data Factory - Integrated ETL engine that connects to your cloud and on-premises data sources
  • Power BI - Microsoft's industry-leading dashboarding tool works hand-in-glove with Azure SQL



HDInsight – The Easiest Way to do Big Data

HDInsight_CTA_320.jpg Azure HDInsight is an Apache Hadoop, cloud-based, big-data platform that finally makes the biggest data challenges a walk in the park.

  • Process any amount of data - distributed data means you can scale infinitely
  • Corral your unstructured data - from clickstreams to social media to server logs and more
  • Only pay for up-time - scheduling for downtime saves you money
  • Skip the start-up costs - eliminate the overhead of installation, set-up, hardware, and maintenance
  • Integrates with the best tools - R Server, Apache Spark, Power BI, Excel, or any other reporting platform
Microsoft Predictive Anlaytics
See full Forrester report here
Don't Take Our Word For It

"Blue Margin's understanding of database architecture and their business-centric approach to analytics has been invaluable. They have an uncanny ability to center on the metrics that are most important to us and to present them in an intuitive way. The professional manner in which they have handled our project is why I would recommend Blue Margin.” - NALCO