Data-Intelligence - Manufacturers' Next Frontier

Is complexity of locations, product lines, suppliers, processes, and data standing between you and painless control of your company?

Blue Margin has a proven methodology for helping mid-market manufacturers harness their data to efficiently optimize operations

Transform into a data-driven organization - Stay competitive in the 4th Industrial Revolution:

  • Automate accountability for employee- and machine-utilization
  • Optimize inventory and reduce obsolescence
  • Maximize order-to-cash efficiency and on-time Delivery
  • Increase organizational focus on points of constraint

Join top-performing manufacturers who harness their data to gain a competitive advantage, improve quality, and maximize profits.

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Azure SQL – Data Management Made Easy

It's Centralized

Data Management Platform and Data Architect

It's Centralized

Corralling your data into a single source of truth enables you to trust your data again.

It's on Azure

Azure SQL Consulting

It's on Azure

With your data infrastructure on the cloud, there's no need for massive investments and expertise.

It's Consistent

Azure SQL Consulting

It's Consistent

"Mashing-up" data creates chaos. A warehouse optimizes your data for easy reporting.

It's Foundational

HDInsight Consulting

It's Foundational

A data warehouse is the foundation that will flex and scale for world-class reporting.

Business Intelligence For Manufacturing

Best-Practices and Bespoke Solutions

Transform your data into a streamlined, managed asset.  Blue Margin starts with established best-practices and templates for surfacing metrics, KPIs, & benchmarks that touch-the-nerve to drive accountability and process improvement for manufacturers.

We then incorporate the use-cases, business requirements, and performance measures that make your company uniquely successful in the market.

Business Intelligence For Manufacturing

A Single Source of Truth

To drive operational excellence, manufacturing leaders need align everyone, down to the front-line worker, around the company's most fundamental

Blue Margin's comprehensive data validation process delivers a trustworthy view of the company's "scoreboard" from the board room to the shop floor, filtered appropriately to the role.

Business Intelligence Dashboard Design, Business Intelligence Consulting

Dashboard Creation and Deployment

Creating high-impact, easy-to-adopt dashboards is equal parts art and science. It's what we do best.

Business Intelligence For Manufacturing

Key Performance Indicators

Make better decisions and improve outcomes with automated, on-time KPIs critical to optimizing focus and prioritization throughout your company. 

Shine a light on employee & machine utilization, on-time delivery, inventory & supply-chain optimization, quality assurance, cost control, and production efficiency.

HDInsight and Azure SQL Consultant

Support and Maintenance

We offer ad-hoc support via phone, email, and video conference. Quick questions, big problems, or mysteries solved - we'll keep you rolling.

Business Intelligence For Manufacturing

Modern Data-Intelligence

What used to cost six-figures and take months can be delivered in weeks.  Blue Margin's Modern Data Warehouse Model and rapid-iteration dashboards begin delivering automated, actionable insights in 2-4 weeks.

Our agile process means immediate ROI without interrupting your operations or IT resources.  Put an end to manual, retrospective reporting.

Using Analytics to Improve Employee and Machine Utilization

Adhering to utilization thresholds is critical to production efficiency and profitability.  For this reason, manufacturers need to maintain fluid visibility into utilization issues across the organization, down to individual employees and machines.  By contrast, most manufacturers, faced with data from hundreds of different sources, assume the task is too great and settle for old-school, reactive management.

Blue Margin helps manufacturers monitor and improve utilization by consolidating production-floor data from multiple locations and platforms into an up-to-date, single source of truth.  From this data comes actionable insights that increase organizational accountability for meeting utilization goals.

Data Analytics For Manufacturing
Using Analytics to Optimize Inventory

With effective inventory management, successful manufacturers can proactively react to market and customer demands, while reducing costs and waste.  Manufacturers who lack real-time visibility into their inventory systems are hindered by latency, obsolescence, and cost overruns.

Blue Margin helps with proven best-practices and KPI-driven exceptions reporting to help optimize your inventory processes.  We'll help you keep your supply in sync with orders and demand-forecast to maximize velocity, minimize slow-moving and obsolete parts, and optimize your return on cash.  

Using Analytics to Improve Quality Control

Effective quality control is critical to manufacturers' risk-management and client-success strategies.  Quality control measurement falls into two broad categories: frequency and severity.  Frequent, less severe QC issues most often result in waste and diminished competitiveness in the market.  Severe QC issues can be much more catastrophic - potentially leading to consumer safety issues, recalls, lawsuits, and PR failures.

Blue Margin helps manufacturers improve quality control by getting at the root metrics that most affect your QC.  By mapping benchmarks, KPIs, and leading indicators to the processes and people accountable to QC outcomes, we help you operationalize your QC goals.  Making those insights accessible across the organization creates a shared accountability and a cohesive, data-driven approach to QC.

Although it can take 12-18 months for data-transformation and QC overhaul, with agile implementation and an early focus on the highest-impact metrics affecting QC, insights and ROI can be achieved quickly.

Business Intelligence For Manufacturing
Don't Take Our Word For It

“The Blue Margin team has been great to work with. Our data is very complex, but we now have clear visibility into critical areas such as order-to-cash and accounts receivable.”

– Katy Tounge, PM, EnviroVac