Athletes are inspired to perform at the highest levels because the goal is so singular and so concrete. But what's true on the playing field is true in the office. So why do we leave the "athlete" at home? Who decided that employees are motivated by carefully-crafted job descriptions and employee reviews?

"People like playing games because they know the rules and the score . . . When we don't know the score, we tend not to want to play, or we play safe."

- Charles Coonradt, The Game of Work

The truth is people want to be productive. And they don't want to be micromanaged. You can instill a sense of ownership by showing them the scoreboard.

Drawing the full potential out of your people is simply a matter of providing real-time visibility into performance.

Business Intelligence Consulting Services and The Dashboard Effect
The Game of Work and The Dashboard Effect
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Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest.

If you want to improve the quality of performance in any area, improve or increase the frequency of the feedback."

- Charles Coonradt, The Game of Work          

No new systems, processes, incentives, or threats, just a dashboard to show your people how they're performing:

  • Individually
  • As a department
  • In key projects
  • As a company

It's hard to see the big picture from a cubical. With greater transparency, everyone is in the game, and everyone is part of the team.

With The Dashboard EffectTM, you can bring out the top performer in each employee.

For the first time, the data-driven business model is achievable by almost any business.

Data analytics and dashboards that used to require a team of engineers and a six-figure investment, are now the lowest-cost way to revolutionize your business.

Dashboards are the simplest, least expensive way to inspire initiative, hard work, and an ownership mentality, from the CEO down. Learn how here.

Learn more here about how transparency and the data-driven business model can transform your business, virtually overnight.

Business Intelligence Consulting Services and The Dashboard Effect

When your data is up in lights, in real-time, everyone can operate from the same playbook.

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“Blue Margin is sensitive to the fact that every dollar counts. They streamlined how we work together, from project management, to communication, to workflow automation and they helped us gain executive visibility into key metrics that drive our most important decisions.” - Book Trust

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