Analytics for Field Services

If you're like most field services companies, consumed with the complexities of labor management, scheduling, equipment, parts, and clients, you have little time to implement strategies to increase growth and profitability.  We can fix that.

Align executives, supervisors, and technicians with a shared picture of organizational performance, industry-specific KPIs, and field efficiency.

Harness your financial, operational, and customer data to:

  • Reduce service times
  • Improve first time fixes
  • Accurately forecast and allocate labor
  • Target and minimize customer grievances 

Join top-performing Field Services companies by using your data to gain competitive advantage, optimize service performance, and maximize customer satisfaction.

Speak With a Field-Services Data Expert

Azure SQL – Data Management Made Easy

It's Centralized

Data Management Platform and Data Architect

It's Centralized

Corralling your data into a single source of truth enables you to trust your data again.

It's on Azure

Azure SQL Consulting

It's on Azure

With your data infrastructure on the cloud, there's no need for massive investments and expertise.

It's Consistent

Azure SQL Consulting

It's Consistent

"Mashing-up" data creates chaos. A warehouse optimizes your data for easy reporting.

It's Foundational

HDInsight Consulting

It's Foundational

A data warehouse is the foundation that will flex and scale for world-class reporting.

Business Intelligence for Field Services

Single Source of Truth

To drive operational excellence from the top, Field Service leaders need assurance everyone in the organization is aligned to the same data-driven goals and strategies. Blue Margin's proven data-validation methodology unites executives in the office and users in the field.


Business Intelligence for Field Services

Visibility in the Field

Field technicians need clear insight, quickly. Effective field reporting should be targeted and directly applicable the work at hand, and intuitive to the user.  Blue Margin's approach to visual, narrative reporting helps field personnel understand their game plan, their performance goals, and their customers.  Our on-time reporting is delivered automatically via email and mobile app. 

Business Intelligence Dashboard Design, Business Intelligence Consulting

Dashboard Creation and Deployment

Creating high-impact, easy-to-adopt dashboards is equal parts art and science. It's what we do best.

Business Intelligence for Field Services

Industry-specific KPIs

Make better decisions, manage field resources, and satisfy customers with internal KPIs and industry benchmarks, including labor utilization, response times, customer satisfaction, first-call fixes, call-to-cash performance, appointment aging, and most importantly, profitability by all meaningful dimensions. 

HDInsight and Azure SQL Consultant

Support and Maintenance

We offer ad-hoc support via phone, email, and video conference. Quick questions, big problems, or mysteries solved - we'll keep you rolling.

Business Intelligence for Field Services

Real-Time Insight

When it comes to customer-centric industries like Field Services, minutes matter. Up-to-date insight enables management to proactively guide address customer issues, track the health of key accounts, manage strategic sales initiatives, and track cost variances against service type, business unit, and client category.   

We’re not a highly technical company.  Are Field-Services Analytics Essential?

Using company data to monitor key performance metrics and improve accountability is quickly becoming table-stakes for service companies of any industry or size.   To deliver value, analytics don’t have to be complex, or financially burdensome. In most cases, gaining simple, clear visibility into performance metrics up to the day or hour is the most achievable goal with the greatest impact.

For field-services companies, the benefits of analytics start with the executive team, and funnel all the way to individual field technicians.  By focusing on key metrics tailored to each level of the organization, dashboards and reports deliver clear pictures of performance where they are needed most, leading to solutions that directly impact the bottom line.

Field Service Power BI
Do Field Service Analytics provide measurable ROI?

Multiple studies from leading organizations quantify the value field-services analytics.

Among field-services companies using analytics, a recent Gartner study revealed:

  • 80% increased technician efficiency
  • 60% improved cost control
  • 50% increased dispatcher efficiency

A study from the Aberdeen Group produced similar findings:

  • Service profits increased 18%
  • Customer retention rates increased 42%
  • Operating cash flow increased 13%

As field-services analytics gain traction among industry leaders, the cost of waiting to harness your data means falling further behind on the competitive curve.

Field Service Dashboards
How long does it take Field Service Analytics to provide value, and what resources are required?

In 12-18 months a field services company can be fully transformed into a data-driven organization.  However, with agile implementation, measurable ROI can be derived in a matter of weeks.  By focusing early efforts on metrics most tied to the P&L, such as Revenue vs Plan, Profitability by Service, and Call-to-Cash performance, insights that improve business outcomes can be gained immediately.

Blue Margin eases the burden on executive sponsors and IT staff by utilizing transparent, collaborative tools to design and execute your data solution.  An initial Discovery process followed by 15-30 minute weekly status update meetings is all you need to begin rationalizing your data ecosystem and putting data intelligence to work.

Field Service Data Analytics
Don't Take Our Word For It
Field Service Analytics

"Blue Margin really helped us get a great data model we can build on for future reporting. The previous experience they had with other customers allowed us to see some reports that made a lot of sense, so we added them to our scope.” - Lonnie Thomsen, Director of Operations,  Boa Technology, Inc