Subscription Services HQ™

Data Intelligence for SaaS

Total Visibility Into Your Subscriber Base

Running a successful Subscription Services company comes down to mastering your data.

While subscription services is evolving rapidly, the tools needed to maximize revenue and retention remain a chronic challenge. 

To maximize the value of your subscriber base, you must know the metrics that most affect recurring revenue, in real time. Subscription Services HQ does just that, providing a template from which to develop a BI solution specific to your unique business model and goals.


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Subscription Services HQ™ Gives You


Trend-Spotting Tools

Subscription Services HQ combines periscopic oversight with actionable intelligence to easily monitor and address MRR by customer retention, new adds, churn, and revenue per seat/product/customer. You can literally see new trends as they appear and immediately focus your team's attention on the highest-value opportunities.


Consolidated LTV Reporting

Blue Margin’s proven best-practices make it possible to quickly analyze customer lifetime value (LTV) against acquisition costs. You can also easily monitor profitability by channel, product, and customer category.


Preemptive Churn Analysis

Subscription Services HQ provides easily-understood usage analysis to help you identify risks related to factors such as product mix, login patterns, and customer satisfaction and support issues. Empower your team to address these issues proactively—before churn happens.


More Profitable Decision-Making

The more value you deliver to customers, the stronger your position in the market. Subscription Services HQ’s customer health metrics drive targeted decision-making on the highest-value and highest-risk accounts to increase profitability.


Focused Business Development

To optimize SaaS sales, you need to "see into the future." Subscription Services HQ helps BizDev resources leverage trending to spot mitigation strategies, churn patterns, and cross-sell opportunities. Data facts about customer count, revenue, and seats become easy to see and target for optimization.


Strategic Customer Retention Tools

When your services and functionality are under-utilized by customers and subscriber segments, it diminishes the perception of value and leads to customer dissatisfaction or churn. Subscription Services HQ enables you to be strategic about engaging borderline clients to increase the likelihood they’ll stick.

“Simply put, Blue Margin delivers knowledge, professionalism, and expertise in what they do.”
Clarissa Hulleza
CIO,  Easter Seals Michigan (www.essmichigan.org)
“Blue Margin is very professional with very deep skills.  They excel at project and client management.”
Eliot Payson
CEO, ALN (https://alnmm.com/)
“Blue Margin's technical expertise is great, and their project managers always keep things on track.”
Elliott Kosmicki
President and COO, MusicNotes (www.musicnotes.com)

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