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Manufacturing Power BI Dashboards

Data Analytics for Manufacturing

Improve Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and Productivity

Unplanned downtime costs industrial manufacturers as much as $50 billion a year.

Blue Margin helps mid-market manufacturers develop BI infrastructure and dashboards to support OEE and productivity. 

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Manufacturing leaders who invest in data analytics gain a competitive advantage that leads to increased margins. When manufacturing thrives, America does too.

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Manufacturing Power BI Dashboards Help You


Improve Visibility

Complexity of locations, product lines, suppliers, processes, and data disparity can frequently interfere with management goals and value-creation strategies. Blue Margin's Modern Data Warehouse design and rapid-iteration dashboards address the sheer overload of manufacturing data and begin delivering automated, actionable insights in 2-4 weeks, without disrupting operations.


Align Your Teams

Improve outcomes with automated, on-time KPIs critical to optimizing focus and prioritization. Surface metrics and benchmarks that "touch-the-nerve" to improve accountability and processes from the boardroom to the shop floor.


Increase Utilization

Our dashboards provide automated accountability to achieve employee- and machine-utilization goals. We'll help you shine light on utilization variances, on-time delivery, quality assurance, cost control, and production efficiency.


Optimize Inventory

Blue Margin’s dashboard tools help optimize inventory to improve order fulfillment and cash flow. Actionable insight into inventory keeps supply in sync with orders and demand-forecast focused for velocity.


Streamline Supply Chain

Industry-proven data management brings greater control to supply-chain optimization. Manufacturing HQ helps maximize order-to-cash efficiency, and increases organizational focus on points of constraint.


Improve Quality Control

We'll incorporate use-cases, business requirements, and performance measures with industry-tested analytics that improve quality control. Expand your ability to map benchmarks and KPIs to the processes and people accountable to QC outcomes.

CoolSys - 75 px-h
With Blue Margin's help, we can walk on the bridge and the gauges are turning on and coming to life.  All of these efforts help us navigate operations, finance, logistics, dispatch, service, billing, collections, and tens of thousands of service calls per year. 
Michelle Nares
Director of Operations, CoolSys (www.coolsys.com)
Elgin Fastener
"The greatest impact has been on the manufacturing side. The Efficiency and Utilization Report eliminated a workbook with multiple data sources.  We used to generate that report once per month, limiting our ability to react.  We do it daily now.  We adjust as we go, making our response much closer to the actual event, which has increased production"
 Jim Pastor
VP Information Systems, Elgin Fasteners (www.elginfasteners.com)
Almo - 75px-h
“Thank you again for the partnership.  Our  CFO is a big believer of the product and wants to do away with all the reports that aren't Power BI.  For all of us in the management team, we truly believe Blue Margin has been instrumental not only to the success of this project, but to the success of Almo.”
Scott Landsberg
Director of FP&A, Almo Corporation (www.almo.com)

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