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Katerina Stampach

Power BI Developer


Katerina Stampach is a graduate of Charles University in Prague and holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Finance. She began using Power BI as an end-user but soon realized her passion for data analytics and dashboards. Katerina was self-taught and led a Power BI implementation at her previous company. She has worked across a variety of industries including hospitality, oil and gas, and transportation.
Interesting Fact:
Kat has lived in three different countries and has travelled to more than 15. Her current travel goal is to visit most of the national parks in the U.S. (there are 63) – she’s currently at 14 and counting!
In her spare time:
Kat understands how crucial English as a second language has been in her life, opening the door to travel and other experiences she wouldn’t have otherwise had. As a result, she uses her spare time to help foreign-speaking students and professionals learn English. She started tutoring several years ago and has lately developed a library of Youtube tutorials (you can see her channel here).

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