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(post date: 2/27/2023)

Who We Are

Blue Margin helps companies become data-driven. We strategize, design, and create data warehouse and dashboard reporting tools that improve business outcomes for all of our clients. We're a high-performing team of experts, and the result of our work is growth and profitability through more efficient and productive operations, a healthier culture, and stronger job-ownership by our clients and their employees. We believe in working hard, volunteering in our community, and enjoying life to the fullest. 

Mission: To build great places to work.

Vision: Be the world's most sought after and trusted data advisor.

Core ValuesThese six core values are essential to our workplace:
    • Transparency: We are honest and up-front with our colleagues and clients. Truthfulness is non-negotiable. 
    • Positivity: We aren’t cynical, and we’re not negative just for the sake of humor. We choose to associate with positive-minded people. 
    • Quality: Quality is at the core of our process and the guiding principle for every deliverable we produce.
    • Efficiency: We “cut through” complexity and get to results as directly as possible. We produce high-quality output, but we don’t waste time on perfectionism. 
    • Education: Our industry moves fast—if we stop experimenting and creating, we’ll become obsolete. So our culture is one of constant learning. 
    • Generosity: We believe generosity produces better business outcomes and wellbeing. Additionally, we prioritize volunteering to help those in need. 


What You'll Do

We take a consultative approach (compared to transactional sales) to onboarding new clients and managing our expanding portfolio. When we meet new prospects, we facilitate intro calls that help clients define where better visibility into their KPIs and performance metrics will improve business outcomes, engage employees, increase productivity, etc. We then work with clients, our PMO, and our engineering team to scope solutions that will deliver high impact. Once clients are onboarded, we build relationships over time to help them evolve their companies for greater success, more transparency, more oversight and control. 

What We Expect of You (First 90 days)  
Complete consultant onboarding and training 
  • Read Blue Margin core curriculum 
  • Engage in role play exercises 
  • Learn our product by engaging with technical engineers 
  • Coordinate with Director of Consulting and other Consultants to learn sales consulting process and standards. 
What We Expect of You (First 6 Months)  
Build a Healthy Funnel of New Qualified Opportunities 
  • 5 Intro Meetings with Prospective clients
  • 3 Stakeholder Workshop Meetings
 Present Proposals 
  • 2 Proposal Presentation  
 Win 1 Design or Execution Project 
  • Onboard client and/or engage with Project Management as Account Manager 
 Generate $60,000 in New Revenue 
What We Expect of You (Year 1) 

Generate $625,000 in Revenue 

New Client Activity Targets 

  • 30 Intro Calls 
  • 12 Scoping Workshops 
  • 10 Proposal Reviews 
  • 4 New Clients Won 
What We Expect of You (Year 2) 

Generate $2,500,000 in Revenue 

New Client Activity Targets 

  • 50 Intro Calls 
  • 29 Scoping Workshops 
  • 24 Proposals 
  • 13 New Clients Won 


How You'll Do It

Business Development: You will grow revenue via nurturing in-bound inquiries from potential clients, prospecting and qualifying leads, and presenting our proven process and solutions to clients. You will lead prospective clients through all phases of the client lifecycle. Once you’ve secured the commitment, you will partner with our Delivery and PM team to oversee the client’s strategic roadmap to becoming data-driven. You will also nurture existing clients, helping our Delivery Department manage the relationship and close additional Execution projects with them. 

Connect to prospective clients 
    • Inbound
      • We have a strong marketing and channel program that produces inbound leads 
      • Quickly respond to inbound leads  
      • Schedule “Intro Call / Meeting” appointments with Key Stakeholder(s)  
    • Networking
      • Research targeted networking events, make industry presentations to Executive Groups (including virtually) aligned to our ideal client profile 
      • Research and develop targeted networking lists  
      • Identify Key Stakeholder(s) connected to your network 
      • Execute templated and programmed networking sequences to a tight and targeted list, including: e-mail, LinkedIn, and voicemails 
      • Target ten specific prospects at a time for a 5-week sequence
    • Channels
      • Assist in developing and nurturing relationships with strategic channel partners (primarily Private Equity firms) 
Intro Meeting Video Calls 
  • Conduct research on prospect and additional key stakeholders prior to intro call  
  • Articulate value proposition, unique differentiators and brand promises 
  • Qualify prospective clients to fit our ideal client profile 
    • Identify financial and cultural alignment of each prospect 
  • Advance to the Stakeholder Workshop stage and incorporate additional key stakeholders 
Stakeholder Workshop 
  • Schedule the Stakeholder Workshop with key stakeholders 
  • Prepare LucidSpark whiteboard and agenda 
  • Facilitate 90-minute workshop to identify current state, desired future state, pains and desired gains of prospects  
  • Assess cultural and financial fit and advance to proposal stage
  • Schedule the proposal presentation with decision-makers 
  • Collaborate with Delivery and the PMO to prepare the proposal 
  • Anticipate objections and prepare responses 
  • Prepare and present proposal 
  • Schedule and conduct decision meeting (yes, no, or not yet) with stakeholders 
New Client Onboarding Phase 
  • Participate in sessions with PMO and Delivery Engineers 
  • Coordinate and present Development Phase proposal to client 
Client Retention and Partnership Review 
  • Schedule, plan, and execute quarterly meetings with existing clients 
  • Identify ongoing opportunities with the client in coordination with the PM and Delivery leads 
    • Detailed Documentation of all sales activities in HubSpot 
    • Internal Meetings: 
      • Weekly: Sales Meetings (OKRs and Pipeline Management) and 1:1 Accountability Reviews 
      • Monthly: 1:1 Meetings w/ Leadership (Training and Development) 

Desired Skills and Experience

  • 3+ years of experience in consulting or consultative selling  
  • 1+ years of experience working with the C-Suite 
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent) 


Key Competencies

  • Confidence / Optimism: Takes “no” constructively; resilient in the face of negative outcomes. Able to constructively navigate difficult buyers. Self-assured. Freely expresses opinions and concerns. Able to work from a position of strength, maintaining our proven process and demonstrating expertise. Able to say “I don’t know” with confidence. Learns from negative experiences with an optimistic attitude. 
  • Achievement-Oriented / Strong Work EthicSets personal goals that are challenging but achievable. Is ambitious. Strives for excellence. Willing to work as hard as necessary to get things done. Holds self accountable for hitting and exceeding targets. When off target, rather than finding blame, advances with a solution mindset and executes corrective measures. 
  • Communication: Speaks and writes concisely and clearly. Gets to the point, is not verbose. Able to use “plainspeak” versus business jargon. Maintains this standard in all forms of written communication, including email.
  • Curiosity and Intelligence: Able to understand potential customer’s context through effective questioning and listening. Able to consolidate and synthesize complex business information to help clients make a plan to become data-driven. 
  • Coachability: Able to absorb and apply coaching, sets aside defensiveness and deflection in favor of learning and growth. 


What You'll Earn

  • Base Salary: $60,000 - $80,000 dependent on experience
  • Commission: $20,000 - $40,000 
  • On-Target Earning (at 100% of Goal) 
    • Year 1: $80,000 - $100,000 
    • Year 2: $120,000+ 


 Blue Margin is dedicated to helping our employees thrive. Current benefits for employees include: 

  • Health Insurance 
  • Dental Insurance 
  • Vision Insurance 
  • Disability Insurance 
  • Life Insurance 
  • 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan with 4% match 
  • Paid Holidays 
  • Personal Time Off (PTO) 
  • Sick Leave 


Work Environment and Physical Requirements

At Blue Margin, values, people, metrics, and our community are what matter most.

    • Company Core Values: Transparency, Positivity, Quality, Efficiency, Education, Generosity

    • Personal and professional development programs for every employee

    • Teamwork - we work as a cohesive team and always have each other’s backs

    • Fun - we volunteer together, shoot each other with nerf guns, go to happy hour, eat lunch together as a team every Friday, and hang out at monthly employee-appreciation events (laser tag, bowling, brewery tours, barbeques, etc.)
    • Entrepreneurism - we want everyone on our team to maintain adaptability and thrive in our growing and evolving business. 

We function as a tight-knit team and our culture depends on collaboration and generosity. Our Sales Consultants should be based in Fort Collins or surrounding communities and can expect to spend a majority of their time working from our office in Old Town with the ability to work remotely when “life happens”. 

This position requires standing or sitting for long durations and may require minimal physical effort including lifting materials and equipment of less than 10 pounds. This position requires viewing a computer screen more than 80 percent of the time. The job will take place in a normal office environment with controlled temperature and lighting conditions. The position may require some travel and occasional participation in off-site functions. 


Interview Process

  • There will be a total of 3 interviews and an assessment. To advance past the second-round interview, you will be asked to present your high-level 30/60/90 day plan (i.e. the first 90 days). You will have the opportunity to learn more about the role during your first-round interview to help guide your outline. You will outline how you plan to prepare yourself for success in the role over the course of your first 90 days and what infrastructure you need to be successful.



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