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Jennie Swenson

Lead Project Manager

Jennie Swenson


Jennie Swenson studied architecture, business, and marketing at Arizona State University before beginning her career in project management and visual merchandising at The Sports Authority. She then worked in project management for software applications to support retail operations in the Denver metro area. At Blue Margin, Jennie uses her considerable talents to champion data-driven solutions for corporate client success.

Above the Tree Line: Jennie is a Colorado native with an insatiable love for the outdoors. An avid backcountry skier, she once took a tumble down a couloir on Kelso Mountain and dislocated her knee in the process. Not to be deterred, she slid the kneecap back into place and skied herself three full miles to safety! The mountain eagerly awaits Jennie's return.

Random Fact: Ms. Swenson could be called a “Jennie of All Trades.” She recently taught herself how to knit. She does landscape photography as a hobby. She recently took up pottery—and wants to learn how to weld and do metal sculpting as well!


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