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Conor Bradley

Data Analytics Consultant



Conor Bradley started his professional career in retail sales management. Let’s back up, though… Growing up, he spent a lot of his childhood playing sports (mostly soccer) which taught him the values of teamwork, working hard, and healthy competition. These values really came in handy in his first sales management roles where he also realized he had a knack for understanding and calculating data and metrics. He based all his decision making and team development on company sales data, and from there, Conor became more and more curious about the technical aspects of BI report development. He studied independently through online courses to gain a strong understanding of how to develop reporting using Power BI, and he earned his Microsoft Certification as a Power BI Data Analyst.


Fam, Soccer, and Music

Conor loves spending time with his wife, Sam, and their two pups, Nuala and Shyla. They enjoy doing anything together from a hike up Horsetooth Mountain, a concert at Red Rocks, to cooking a new vegetarian meal together. Soccer has been a passion for Conor since he was a kid -- he plays all year round and supports Man United. He’s been to the UK twice for matches and will spend most Saturday mornings flipping between games. He also loves playing guitar, singing, and recording music.


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