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Commercial Services Power BI Dashboards

Data Intelligence for Commercial Services

Improve Labor Utilization and Customer Satisfaction

Leading companies use data to optimize service performance and gain a competitive advantage.

Commercial Services HQ is a best-practices template for developing a reporting command center that empowers leaders and staff to proactively manage value-creation initiatives across operations, finance, and customers.


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Commercial Services Power BI Dashboard Reporting

Commercial Services HQ™ Gives You


Confidence to Invest in Growth

To justify an investment in growth, you need a firm grip on your client base, backlog, profitability by project type, sales outlook, and labor optimization. Commercial Services HQ gives you a comprehensive view of your company in real time to inform when and where to invest in growth.


Forward-Thinking Efficiency

With your operations visible on a single screen, you can proactively address issues before they multiply. Through automated filters and sorting that align with your business strategy, you can instantly identify how to reduce service times, improve first time fixes, and anticipate potential customer grievances.


Top-to-Bottom Alignment

Given the complexity of commercial services, maintaining unity from the boardroom to the field is particularly challenging. While unifying the team, Commercial Services HQ also gives each employee a sense of ownership over their area of responsibility.


Actionable Intelligence

Commercial Services HQ gives you complete insight from high-level summaries down to actionable details. KPIs highlight what most needs attention across critical functions such as labor utilization, response times, call-to-cash performance, appointment aging, and most importantly, profitability by all key dimensions.


Visual Narrative Reporting

Delivered automatically via email and mobile app, Commercial Services HQ is persona-centric, supporting the decision-making process for each role in the company. The result is greater data adoption and more efficient insights. This helps end-users adopt data more readily and empowers them to do their work more efficiently.


Internal and External Benchmarking

Without context, it's difficult to know where you should push for greater efficiency and where you're already ahead of the curve. Automatically comparing KPIs across business units and against industry standards quickly spotlights areas of opportunity such as labor utilization, key account health, and marketing ROI.


Commercial Services Case Studies

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“What stands out most about Blue Margin is their customer service and transparency.”
El Winata
Project Portfolio Analyst, BayWa (www.baywa-re.com)
“Blue Margin's technical expertise is great, and their project managers always keep things on track.”
Elliott Kosmicki
President and COO, MusicNotes (www.musicnotes.com)
“Blue Margin is very professional with very deep skills.  They excel at project and client management.”
Eliot Payson

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