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Bryan Maltais

Business Intelligence Consultant

Bryan Maltais


Bryan Maltais has spent most of his career as a consultant and sales director, helping medical providers solve treatment problems using custom solutions. These solutions involved demographic data analysis to inform design, which is what drew Bryan to Blue Margin. More recently, he worked with an integrated design-build firm developing projects for hospital builds. Bryan is obsessed with efficiency and helping companies find the most streamlined path to success.


From Ecology to Documentaries:

Bryan’s original passion is nature and ecology. He holds a Bachelor’s in Biology from the University of Missouri-Columbia (Mizzou) and has produced several nature films. His latest documentary, “Into the Forest: Reptiles and Amphibians,” can be watched on Amazon Prime. On Sunday mornings, Bryan can also be found as a volunteer teacher to preschoolers at his Church.


Building Bridges:

Bryan spent 7 years in the Army Reserves as a bridge builder. His platoon once built a bridge in 2 hours for an Abrams tank to cross.


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