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Adam Coffey and the Private Equity Playbook

Adam Coffey, CEO of CoolSys, shares business intelligence secrets from his bestselling book, The Private Equity Playbook.


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Data Wins Championships [The Mahomes Factor]

Data helps your company compete to win. Those that understand how data wins championships are nearly impossible to defeat. 


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Guest Podcast: The Manufacturing Executive by Gorilla76

Blue Margin's CEO, Jon Thompson, was a featured guest on Gorilla 76's podcast. Listen in as they discuss the need to understand and optimize your company's data in today's modern world. 


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Hail to the Bean Counters [Tracking What Matters in Distribution]

Data optimization will increase your distribution efficiency—so today we say “hail to the bean counters” who keep information working for you. 


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Healthcare HQ™ Trendwatch [Doctor Demand, Telehealth, and Ransomware]

Healthcare HQ™ Trendwatch spotlights trending developments in the medical industry and offers strategic insight for data optimization in response. 


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The Hidden Bazinga of Dirty Data [And What You Can Do About It]

What can you do when the hidden Bazinga of dirty data plays tricks on your company’s bottom line? More than you think …


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How to Predict the Future

What you don’t know about tomorrow can ruin your company, but a proactive data strategy can show you how to predict the future for your mid-market business.


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Make Your Meetings Matter [Data Drivers for Group Efficiency]

Data awareness can help you improve productivity and efficiency in ways that will make your meetings matter for everyone.


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The Private Equity Advantage [3 Key Strategies You Can Steal]

See why Private Equity succeeds—and how you can use that knowledge to your company’s advantage.


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The Manager vs Mentor Tug-of-War in Private Equity [Creating Alignment in Portco Oversight]

Discover how data helps solve the manager vs mentor tug-of-war in private equity.


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Three Mistakes Good Leaders Make

Can you avoid the top 3 data mistakes good leaders make? Listen in to find out.


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Three Unexpected KPIs that Drive Manufacturing Success

Looking for new ideas for tracking real progress at your company? Check out these three unexpected KPIs that drive manufacturing success.


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Why Power BI? [A Blue Margin Perspective]

Blue Margin Inc. can help you get ahead of your competition by answering the question: Why Power BI?


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