Executives and managers are hackers at heart. Business hackers. Their job is to find the most efficient path to profitability. In reality, most spend their day reacting to issues.

To inform your decisions and direct your efforts, you need a crystal clear picture of the facts. And let's face it, that's all you have time for - the facts.

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Money Ball


Just as Billy Beane in 2002 used data to overcome decades-old patterns and revolutionize the game of baseball, top-performing executives are changing their game in order to outperform the competition.

And the name of the game is business intelligence. In fact, data analytics is the #1 technology priority for companies up to 250 employees (ref: Gartner). And the most successful companies are not just empowering their executives with data, but their employees as well.


For the first time, the data-driven business model is achievable by almost any business. Data analytics and dashboards that used to require a team of engineers and a six-figure investment, are now the lowest-cost way to revolutionize your business virtually overnight.

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The Visible Enterprise
“We engaged Blue Margin with a project that would take a series of data collection and presentation methods that we currently use and consolidate them in a dashboard environment. Our initial stage is nearing completion and it was done in the budgeted amount of time. Blue Margin really helped us get a great data model that we can build on for future reporting. Another big plus was the previous experience they had with other customers allowed us to see some reports we hadn’t planned to do but made a lot of sense so we added them to our scope.” - BOA Technology
"I appreciate working with the Blue Margin staff.  From conception of our project to completion they were great to work with.  The development process they designed worked great which included meetings to discuss KPIs, data gathering, and dashboard development.  I would recommend them to anyone interested in dashbaord development and BI." - SMG World

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