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Streamline Your Analytics with Microsoft Fabric and Azure Data Platform

Scalable, Cloud-Based Data Management

Is data chaos hindering your value creation?

For private equity firms focused on smart investments and high returns, consolidated and accessible data within portfolio companies is the cornerstone of strategic decision-making.   

Using Microsoft Fabric and Azure, we provide rapid and cost-effective data consolidation within a data lake.

This unified approach lays the foundation for organization-wide analytics and enables generative AI tools. It also supports the buy-and-build strategy often executed in PE-backed companies, ensuring seamless system migration of subsidiaries while preserving historical data. 



data driven companies 23x more likely...




Tame Data Chaos

An Azure data lake positions you to leverage Microsoft's upcoming release of Fabric and OneLake.


  Brick and Caleb explain Microsoft's new data management system, Fabric, and why a data lake is your recommended first step.

Benefits of an Azure Data Platform  

The first step to turning your data into a strategic asset.

Increased Valuation

Well-managed data assets make your company more appealing (and valuable) to potential buyers. 

Integrated Data Sources

Collect, store, and analyze structured or unstructured data from disparate sources to make your decision-making more precise and efficient. 

Multiple Expansion

A consolidated view of all subsidiary performance data helps make the case for multiples expansion.



Preserve Historical Data

Parquet files capture history. If you switch platforms, you won’t lose data and history.

Enable AI/ML

A data lake positions your company's data to take advantage of rapidly evolving AI tools. 

Rapid Consolidation

Data lakes can be populated relatively quickly (and less expensively) compared to a traditional data warehouse

Key Features

Integrating data sources into a data lake serves as the foundation for organization-wide analytics.


Our Team Provides

Azure Resource Setup. We'll ensure your Azure resources are seamlessly integrated with your existing Microsoft systems. 

Pipeline and Data Lake Build. We'll build a Synapse pipeline and data lake, allowing for efficient data collection and storage. 

Pipeline Schedules. We set up schedules for your Synapse pipeline, ensuring timely and accurate data updates. 

Failure Alert Configuration. Prompt alerts will keep you ahead of any potential issues. 

Seamless Connectivity. You'll receive a SQL Endpoint to help you connect to your data lakehouse.  

Training. You receive pre-recorded training on accessing data with Power BI and SQL to help you get the most out of your data platform. 

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Why Blue Margin?


Private Equity expertise. We have 12 years of experience helping private equity-backed, mid-market companies execute their data strategies. 

Clients love working with us. An NPS score of 89 speaks for itself. (Check out our Testimonials and Case Studies.)

We're credentialed. We carry Microsoft's Gold Partner distinction in 

  • Data Analytics
  • Data PlatformMicrosoft-Gold-Logo-V1a-transp bg
  • Cloud Platform
  • Project / Portfolio Management
  • Application Integration



Blue Margin has been instrumental in helping our portfolio companies make data-driven decisions and increase discipline around key metrics for top-line growth and other focus areas. They are organized, efficient, and trustworthy.


Brian Potts | Operating Partner, One Rock Capital

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