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Data Modeling Services

Turn Your Raw Data into Business Intelligence

Are you drowning in unusable data?

Data collection is only useful if you can do something with it. 

We'll help you transform your data lake into a gold mine of actionable insights. 

Leveraging an agile, sprint-based approach, we take your business from raw data into data models to support a fully functioning, validated semantic layer in just a few short weeks.

This semantic layer (think 'business logic') then empowers your team with drag-and-drop analytics and Power BI report creation, making data analysis easier and more reliable than ever. 



69% of data goes unused



Good Reporting Starts with a Data Model

We view data modeling as the 2nd pillar of an effect BI framework and the key to reliable analysis and reporting.


  Brick and Caleb explain how data modeling helps you avoid technical debt and rework. 

Our Data Modeling Enables

Drag-and-Drop Reporting

Our data model empowers your team with a drag-and-drop experience in Power BI, streamlining report development for business users. 

Row-Level Security

Our team will help define your security requirements and implement Row-Level Security (RLS) for your peace of mind.

Easy Navigation

Our data models hide supporting measures and columns such as IDs and indexes for a clean, easy-to-navigate data environment.  




Blue Margin really helped us get a great data model that we can build on for future reporting. The previous experience they had with other customers allowed us to see some reports that made a lot of sense, so we added them to our scope.


Lonnie Thomsen | Director of Operations, BOA


You'll Also Receive

A Dedicated Resource. You get access to a dedicated Data Engineer, and our co-located engineering team with 75+ years of combined experience. Our team works together to tackle your most complex data challenges. 

Data Validation and Quality Assurance. From data discovery to model design, business logic definition to reverse engineering, we'll ensure each data model is optimized for high-performing reports and data processing, maximizing compression for speed and efficiency.  

Power BI Support. In addition to designing and implementing your data models, we offer Power BI, DAX, and data model support for report developers and business users. We assist with pulling flat files into data models, managing new workspaces and apps, sharing reports, and more. 

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