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Liquidity Management Toolset


Reducing Uncertainty, Driving Recovery

No one could've predicted the global economic shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies are trying to figure out which way is up, and Blue Margin can help. Our engineers fast-tracked the development of two quickly-deployable, low-cost (or free) tools.



COVID Commerce Viability Toolset

Free to any sponsored, Mid-Market company

Leveraging Power BI and a dozen vetted data sources, the Commerce Viability dashboards help companies reduce uncertainty and recover as quickly as possible. The tools assess five essential viability measures related to the crisis by a company's location, customers, and key markets.

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Liquidity Command Center

Deployed in 10 days or less, at marginal cost

The Command Center is a full-featured data solution that provides Mid-Market corporations with a set of dashboards that align management teams on the most critical financial and operational measures. These include Revenue, A/R, A/P, Cash Flow, SG&A, and Operations. This solution can be configured for any industry and aggregated for PE firms to monitor liquidity across their portfolios.

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  • Free to any sponsored Mid-Market company.
  • Can be deployed in five days or less.
  • Gain early identification of location-specific commerce viability in the COVID-19 era.
  • Spot ramp-up opportunities before your competition.
  • Strategize efficient resource deployment.




Commerce Viability

COVID-19 cluster map gives at-a-glance insight on five critical viability metrics: infection-doubling rates, social mobility, hospital capacity, community restrictions, and testing rates.




US Health Climate

COVID-19 intensity map tracks trends by state to quickly get a status update on US recovery.




International Health Climate

The Commerce Viability's world tracker follows the daily spread and decline of COVID-19 across the globe, assessing new confirmed cases, deaths, and future projections.


Disclaimer: The COVID Commerce Viability toolset is provided for informational and anecdotal purposes only. Data used in this toolset is aggregated from various public sources, reflecting the best available information at the time it was prepared and/or updated. Blue Margin Inc. does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the data, and assumes no responsibility for any injury or damage to persons or property arising out of, or related to, any use of this toolset, or for any errors or omissions. The ultimate judgment regarding the viability of any circumstance, and any subsequent action taken, are the sole responsibility of the user(s).


Show Me: Command Center

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  • Get rapid-deployment, from "Hello" to "Go!" in 10 Days or less.
  • Manage liquidity during economic downturn and back to profitability. 
  • Align stakeholders on critical performance metrics to avoid costly missteps.
  • Gain proactive insight into financial and operational measures.
  • Avoid reactivity and quickly identify liquidity action-points.
  • Instantly spot issues by exception and KPI. 
  • Use efficient tooltips and drill-down to see tactical details.
  • See aggregated portfolio view for Private Equity Partners. 


Liquidity Command Center

A broad solution for managing liquidity during economic downturn and back to profitability.





See 13-week Cash Balance Forecast, Bank Balance, Daily Flash, Collections, Disbursements, and more.



Accounts Receivables

Analyze 30-day A/R snapshot, Aging and Customer Buckets, Invoice Detail, and DSO.





SG&A Summary

Instantly check year-to-date variance on SG&A by budget, prior year, sub-category, and percent of revenue.




View inventory, backlog, safety, labor, and other operational measures configured for your model and industry.





Accounts Payable

View at-a-glance next 30 days AP due, late payables and invoice details by category, vendor, and payment type.



Revenue & Sales

Capture insight into revenue, weighted sales funnel, yesterday vs last month average daily revenue, and more.




Why Blue Margin?



Blue Margin Helps Companies Thrive Through Data™

Blue Margin Inc. is a leading business intelligence firm active in Private Equity and sponsored Mid-Market companies. With expertise in business outcomes, root-cause methodologies, project management, data architecture, and data visualization, BMI has served over 100 of the world’s top Mid-Market companies and Private Equity firms, including CoolSys, Fitbit, The Grammys, Easterseals, Accent Food Services, and more. Headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, Blue Margin Inc. is a Microsoft Gold Partner, with certified competencies in Data Analytics, Data Platform, Application Development, and Cloud Platform.

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Commerce-ViabiltyHow Do I Get These Data Tools?


COVID Commerce Viability 

The COVID Commerce Viability toolset is available free to any sponsored Mid-Market company.

  • If you're currently a Blue Margin customer, simply get in touch with your consulting team and they'll get it ready to deploy at your company. 
  • If you're new to Blue Margin, just click the "Set Me Up" button below to send us your contact info, and a Business Intelligence Consultant will follow-up with you promptly.
  • Still have questions, or want to schedule a guided demo? No problem—just click the "Questions?" button below and we'll make sure you get the answers you need.

Liquidity Command Center

The Liquidity Command Center can be deployed in 10 days or less at marginal cost for Mid-Market companies. If you'd like more information on that, either contact your current Business Intelligence Consultant or click the "Questions?" button below. 


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