A Smashing Good Time at the ReStore and Pumpkin Patch Fun with Respite Care

Recently, our team worked together for two volunteer events with Habitat for Humanity ReStore and Respite Care. It was a great way to get outside with our coworkers and have some fun while 

Helping Hands at the Harmony House

Earlier this summer, we were contacted by the CASA of Larimer County Harmony House for help with a special project – disassemble a play structure from a donor, move it, and rebuild it at the Harmony House. Matt Dunn, our PMO Lead, rose to the challenge! He generously volunteered over 22 hours of his time to make sure the play structure was solid and safe!

Paper Airplanes, Cloud Fluffers, and Sky Makers – For a Cause!


Our Blue Margin Community Works project for April found us creating centerpieces for Respite Care’s Perennial Luncheon. Respite provides care for children with developmental disabilities. “Soaring to New Heights” was the theme, and we were asked to make 50 paper-airplane centerpieces. It was full-steam-ahead from the get go. We filled small tins with foam filler, which needed to set overnight, then put in several shifts making  paper airplanes, three per centerpiece. Not surprisingly, the team lost focus more than once testing their planes' flight-worthiness. Then came the hot glue and wires. The final touch came from our cloud fluffers (i.e., those who glued cotton balls onto the foam to make the sky). In all, we logged 18 hours across 13 employees.

Respite kindly invited us to the luncheon on May 7th, and we heard inspiring stories of the many ways they have supported and cared for so many families over the years. It was truly an honor to help out in any way we could.

Click here for more information about Respite Care. In addition, click here to learn more about our Blue Margin Community Works program.


A New Year, A (Lofty) New Goal

It has been a busy first quarter here at Blue Margin, and our Community Works program is no exception. In our fourth quarter last year, our leadership team set a goal to increase our community volunteer hours by 100%! Every quarter, our team will now volunteer a combined 104 hours. I’m excited to share that we have already met our goal with just under two weeks left in our quarter (126 hours and counting)! While we’re proud of the numbers, we’re prouder of each of our employees. It takes a team to reach a goal and that goal starts with a need. Won’t you join us in our service to those in need in the Fort Collins area? What goal can you and your team set for yourselves? “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” -Aesop

Blue Marginers + Book Trust = A Bit of Book Bliss

If you know Blue Margin, you know we love Book Trust.

In our office you’ll find thank you notes from Book Trust students, a canvas copy of their flagship photo hanging on the wall (taken by our very own Jon Thompson), and, of course, you’ll find a full table of Blue Marginers at their annual fundraising event “Books on Tap”.  Book Trust is Fort Collins grown with a nationwide reach, just like us.

An Egg-ceptional Time at Larimer County Food Bank

Volunteering at the Larimer County Food Bank always comes with a surprise – we never really know what food we will be handling until we arrive.  In the past, we’ve worked with onions, sweet potatoes, frozen chicken, and this time ….. eggs.

[Insert every egg-tastic, egg-ceptional, egg-aliciious pun here …. we came up with them all!]

Painting Trees on the Poudre

The Cache la Poudre River connects much of Northern Colorado. Originating in Rocky Mountain National Park, it flows 76 miles through Roosevelt National Forest and Fort Collins before joining the Platte River east of Greeley.

This local gem is a favorite natural area for all to enjoy – especially the beavers!

Spring Clean-Up at Twin Silo Community Park

One of the great privileges of living in Fort Collins is enjoying the countless natural areas, parks, and hiking trails. For our latest Community Works activity, our team participated in the spring clean-up event at Twin Silo Park. Twin Silo is one of Fort Collins newest community parks and includes herb gardens, orchards, trails, vertical hydroponic gardens, a hops garden, and the tallest slide in Fort Collins.  Earlier this spring our team ran a 5K at Twin Silo, but this time we rolled up our sleeves and worked with the City of Fort Collins’ crew to clean up the grounds of weeds and trash. 

Leave it Behind!  CSU Turns a Perennial Problem into a Blessing (and Blue Margin-ers got the chance to help)

Ahhh, dorm life!  In August, you don't have enough stuff to make it feel home-y. By May, you've accumulated more stuff than can possibly fit into your hand-me-down sedan.

Nearly 10 years ago, Colorado State University (GO RAMS!) set up a program called the “Leave It Behind Event." CSU partners with local non-profits to collect, sort, and redistribute items that students leave behind when moving out of their dorms. 

Blue Margin-ers Have Been Busy-Bees this Spring!

Over the last several weeks, Blue Margin Community Works volunteers have assisted local non-profits with a variety of projects.  The month started off at Harmony House, a historic farm house donated to CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Larimer County in 1991.  The resource serves as a safe space where abused and neglected children can meet with their families for supervised custody exchanges and court-appointed visits.  


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