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Painting Trees on the Poudre

The Cache la Poudre River connects much of Northern Colorado. Originating in Rocky Mountain National Park, it flows 76 miles through Roosevelt National Forest and Fort Collins before joining the Platte River east of Greeley.

This local gem is a favorite natural area for all to enjoy – especially the beavers!

Respite Care Is Getting "Seussed-Up" for their Fundraiser!

The Blue Margin team headed out again, this time volunteering for the Fort Collins Respite Care.  It might be one of our team’s most favorite volunteer spots because we get to help special needs children.

Our team stayed busy creating Dr. Seuss-themed centerpieces for their 2017 Perennial Luncheon later this month.  Fundraisers like this ensure great things for Respite Care.  Last fall, they used their donations to install an elevator allowing wheelchair-bound kids to access recreational facilities in the basement.

BMCW - Wrapping Up Gifts (and our First Year!)

Christmas has arrived at Blue Margin, and we are spreading the holiday cheer! 

During this season of giving, we teamed up with one of Northern Colorado’s most generous non-profits – Santa Cops – to wrap Christmas presents for children in need.

Blue Margin + Homeless Gear = A Gala to Remember

A few weeks ago Blue Margin had the opportunity to help set-up the Toasts to Transitions Fundraising Banquet in support of Homeless Gear.  This event is Homeless Gear’s largest source of revenue generation, with more than 250 community movers and shakers who attend annually.

Loveland Community Kitchen - Pineapple and Pep

As part of the Blue Margin Community Works program, I volunteered at the Loveland Community Kitchen on a windy Wednesday morning.  I’d never been there before, and wasn’t sure what to expect.  I certainly didn’t plan on getting a life lesson that would leave a profound impact, but unexpected blessings can come from stepping into new things.

Stumbling into a cramped and steamy kitchen, I was greeted by Ellen, a fellow volunteer.  She ushered me around the kitchen – showing me where to find everything, including the boxes of ever-present plastic gloves. 

Within minutes I was surrounded by busy volunteers - preparing drinks, slicing cake, and dishing up fruit. 

Blue Margin Community Works - Someday Starts Now

With the end of 2015 upon us and Auld Lang Syne still in our ears, we began thinking about our vision at Blue Margin.  There were the usual business goals around growth, profitability, culture, and market position. 

But something about the turning of another year makes us all more contemplative, more likely to consider the big “Whys” of life.  Growth and profitability are good, but why? The obvious answer, "Because it brings value to clients, and feeds our families in the process" didn't seem to tell the whole story, at least not at this perennial juncture. 


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