A Smashing Good Time at the ReStore and Pumpkin Patch Fun with Respite Care

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Recently, our team worked together for two volunteer events with Habitat for Humanity ReStore and Respite Care. It was a great way to get outside with our coworkers and have some fun while 

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helping our community. Habitat ReStore had an unusual project for us to help with. First, we donned work gloves and safety goggles, then it was "tool-time” (i.e., not the tools we typically use when volunteering).  I chose an axe, and others grabbed sledgehammers and other various tools of destruction. Our job was to break down furniture, chairs, tables, tv stands, bookshelves, etc. that were no longer usable or salvageable. We then needed to fill a large dumpster with all the broken-down pieces. It was two hours of smashing, breaking, and hauling fun!

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We also helped Respite Care with their fall field trip to The Bartels Farm. We were each paired with a precious kiddo and spent the afternoon at the pumpkin patch, playground, and hayride. It was an incredibly fulfilling time with some wonderful kids and the staff at Respite Care! Want to learn more about the ways Blue Margin helps the community? Click here for info.  

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Amanda Mann

Written by Amanda Mann

Amanda Mann is office administrator at Blue Margin Inc., and manager of the Community Works initiative at BMI as well.


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