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1 min read

Leave it Behind!  CSU Turns a Perennial Problem into a Blessing

Ahhh, dorm life!  In August, you don't have enough stuff to make it feel home-y. By May, you've accumulated more stuff...

3 min read

Loveland Community Kitchen - Pineapple and Pep

As part of the Blue Margin Community Works program, I volunteered at the Loveland Community Kitchen on a windy...

1 min read

Painting Trees on the Poudre

The Cache la Poudre River connects much of Northern Colorado. Originating in Rocky Mountain National Park, it flows 76...

1 min read

Paper Airplanes, Cloud Builders, and Sky Makers – For a Cause!


Our Blue Margin Community Works project for April found us creating centerpieces for Respite Care’s Perennial...
1 min read

Respite Care Is Getting Seussed-Up for their Fundraiser!

The Blue Margin team headed out again, this time volunteering for the Fort Collins Respite Care.  It might be one of...

1 min read

Serving it Up Hot at Loveland Community Kitchen

For our Blue Margin team, it was no sweat. Ninety-one degrees, a broken air conditioner, and multiple ovens-a-blazing...

2 min read

Spring Clean-Up at Twin Silo Community Park

One of the great privileges of living in Fort Collins is enjoying the countless natural areas, parks, and hiking trails

2 min read

The Gift of Serendipity

“Are you here to volunteer for the event?” asked a young woman driving a mini-van.

“Yes, I am! Thanks for the ride –...

2 min read

The Girl with the Autism Tattoo

Meet Quincy Bowles. 

On her right arm, she has a tattoo with two puzzle pieces and two hands, a symbol of her journey...