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3 min read

Quality Fun: Integrating Our Company’s Newest Value

Having good, quality fun with teammates gives a much needed, post-pandemic boost!

Masks off for this one.

I am...

4 min read

Adapting Community Service Amid a Global Pandemic

Finding places to give back to the community is easier than ever – if you know where to look.

Nothing changes plans...

5 min read

Growing Pains – Enriching Blue Margin’s Culture While Working Remotely

Don’t let a global pandemic stifle the culture of your workplace – keep things flourishing with a little bit of...

1 min read

Blue Marginers + Book Trust = A Bit of Book Bliss

If you know Blue Margin, you know we love Book Trust.

In our office you’ll find thank you notes from Book Trust...

1 min read

Flashback! Remembering BMCW's Very First Year

Christmas has arrived at Blue Margin, and we are spreading the holiday cheer! 

During this season of giving, we teamed...

1 min read

Giving a Toast to What Matters Most

It’s that time of year again!

Blue Margin Community Works volunteered with Homeless Gear to set up for their annual...

1 min read

Helping Hands at the Harmony House

Earlier this summer, we were contacted by the CASA of Larimer County Harmony House for help with a special project –...

1 min read

Homeless Gear - Teen in Need Event

Last week, as part of Blue Margin’s Community Works program, our team volunteered at the Homeless Gear Warehouse (one...

2 min read

How to Help the Hungry

Let’s start with some stats on two Northern Colorado counties.

County #1:

1 min read

Leave it Behind!  CSU Turns a Perennial Problem into a Blessing

Ahhh, dorm life!  In August, you don't have enough stuff to make it feel home-y. By May, you've accumulated more stuff...

3 min read

Loveland Community Kitchen - Pineapple and Pep

As part of the Blue Margin Community Works program, I volunteered at the Loveland Community Kitchen on a windy...

1 min read

Painting Trees on the Poudre

The Cache la Poudre River connects much of Northern Colorado. Originating in Rocky Mountain National Park, it flows 76...

1 min read

Paper Airplanes, Cloud Builders, and Sky Makers – For a Cause!


Our Blue Margin Community Works project for April found us creating centerpieces for Respite Care’s Perennial...
1 min read

Respite Care Is Getting Seussed-Up for their Fundraiser!

The Blue Margin team headed out again, this time volunteering for the Fort Collins Respite Care.  It might be one of...

1 min read

Serving it Up Hot at Loveland Community Kitchen

For our Blue Margin team, it was no sweat. Ninety-one degrees, a broken air conditioner, and multiple ovens-a-blazing...

2 min read

Spring Clean-Up at Twin Silo Community Park

One of the great privileges of living in Fort Collins is enjoying the countless natural areas, parks, and hiking trails

2 min read

The Gift of Serendipity

“Are you here to volunteer for the event?” asked a young woman driving a mini-van.

“Yes, I am! Thanks for the ride –...

2 min read

The Girl with the Autism Tattoo

Meet Quincy Bowles. 

On her right arm, she has a tattoo with two puzzle pieces and two hands, a symbol of her journey...

2 min read

The Power of the Book Box!

Pop quiz:  Name a place in the world with only 1 book for every 300 children.


Low-income areas, right here in...

2 min read

Volunteers Achieve Slicing Mastery at FoCo Café


Earlier this month, as part of the Blue Margin Community Works program, my colleague Angela and I volunteered at the ...

1 min read

Belay On, Blue Margin!

Want a team building experience?  There's no better way to bond with your office-mates than holding each other’s lives...

1 min read

Laser Tag and Pancakes

We’ve had a busy start to 2020! And that’s not just on the business side. Saying “Thank you” to our wonderful employees...

2 min read

Climbing to New Heights, Our 2nd Annual Boo Margin and Holiday Fun!

We have had an adventurous fall season here at Blue Margin! September’s Employee Appreciation Event was at Whetstone...

1 min read

Employee Appreciation Events – Saying Thank You in a Fun Way

Every month, the executive team at Blue Margin hosts an Employee Appreciation event. It’s a way of saying thank you to...

1 min read

Bumper Cars, Arcade Games, and Rock Climbing - Oh My!

It’s summertime, and for Blue Margin families that means school’s out and we get to enjoy a favorite summer family...

1 min read

Blue Margin Team Lights It Up at Loveland Laser Tag

An evening at Loveland Laser Tag, just for Blue Margin employees and their families? 

Yes please! 

We knew this would...

1 min read

A Sneak Peek into Our Culture

At Blue Margin, we are actively creating a culture that defies the typical American employee experience:  the 8-to-5...

2 min read

A New Year, A (Lofty) New Goal

It has been a busy first quarter here at Blue Margin, and our Community Works program is no exception. In our fourth...

1 min read

Blue Margin + Homeless Gear = A Gala to Remember

A few weeks ago Blue Margin had the opportunity to help set-up the Toasts to Transitions Fundraising Banquet in support...

1 min read

An Egg-ceptional Time at Larimer County Food Bank

Volunteering at the Larimer County Food Bank always comes with a surprise – we never really know what food we will be...

3 min read

Blue Margin Community Works - Someday Starts Now

With the end of 2015 upon us and Auld Lang Syne still in our ears, we began thinking about our vision at Blue Margin. ...

1 min read

Blue Margin-ers Have Been Busy-Bees this Spring!

Over the last several weeks, Blue Margin Community Works volunteers have assisted local non-profits with a variety of...

7 min read

ReStore - Pumpkin Patch Fun with Respite Care

Recently, our team worked together for two volunteer events with Habitat for Humanity ReStore and Respite Care. It was...