Employee Appreciation Events – Saying “Thank You” in a Fun Way

Every month, the executive team at Blue Margin hosts an Employee Appreciation event. It’s a way of saying thank you to our employees for their hard work and dedication. So far this year, we rented Pinball Jones for beers and pinball, went to Moot House for a couples’ evening of drinks and appetizers, perfected our bowling skills, rented a food truck, celebrated at our company picnic, and even ran a 5K (well, some of us did).  

A Sneak Peek into Our Culture

At Blue Margin, we are actively creating a culture that defies the typical American employee experience:  the 8-to-5 grind, the micromanaging boss, the soul-sucking annual performance review, the <describe misery here>. 

We’ve worked in those environments. Frankly, we hated it. And we want something different for our team.

Bumper Cars, Arcade Games, and Rock Climbing - Oh My!

It’s summertime, and for Blue Margin families that means school’s out and we get to enjoy a favorite summer family event – renting out Loveland Laser Tag! 

You may recall we first held this inaugural event last year with the promise of hosting it again – partly because we all enjoyed it and partly because the kids wanted a rematch with their parents on all-things-gaming. 


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