Our solution model is business-centric rather than technology-centric

Here’s the problem.  Every technology initiative starts with a business goal that quickly fades into the mist as features and functionality take over.

The result?

...it's estimated less than 30% of BI projects achieve business objectives.*

Let's be countertrend, together

  • First, we interview key people in your company to understand what you're trying to accomplish.
  • Then, we define the key metrics that equate to success.
  • Next, we identify and capitalize on what's already working well.
  • Finally, we drill. We drill down through the underlying issues to identify their roots.

Getting to the roots reveals the simplist solution with the greatest impact.

That's what makes Blue Margin different. We obsess over adoption because it's the key to impact. We turn conventional design on it's head and deliver virtually 100% user adoption at client companies.


*AIG Consulting. The Standish Group.